The Calling Indianapolis Snap Shot

Feb 07, 2023 Legend Story Studios

The first Calling event of 2023 has finished with Michael Hamilton taking out his 3rd Calling in Indianapolis!

Let's take a quick look at the top cut players and some metagame data.

Relive the action on the Man Sant Channel here.

Calling Indy Champ MH

Day One Metagame

Calling Indy Day One Metagame

Other Heroes include Arakni, Azalea, Boltyn, Kano, Katsu, Levia

Day Two Metagame

Calling Indy Day Two Metagame

Other Heroes include Azalea, Boltyn, Bravo, Kano, Katsu, Rhinar, Viserai

Top 8

Calling Indy Top 8

Calling Indy Top 8

Catch the Top 8 full decklists and more in the coming recap article!