The Calling and Battle Hardened Lille Snap Shot

29th Aug 2022 Chris Bewley

Today, we take a quick look at the Top 8 players and their heroes played at the Classic Constructed Calling Lille as well as the Uprising Draft Battle Hardened Lille held over the weekend in Lille, France as part of the second ever Pro Tour weekend!

Check out the Calling Top 8 stream on the official Flesh and Blood YouTube channel.

Calling Lille


Joris Verhelst (Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light) defeated Wojtek Klimczyk (Briar, Warden of Thorns) in the finals of the 578 person, Classic Constructed event to become 2022 Calling Lille Champion and see Prism become a Living Legend!

Calling Lille Top 8.jpg

Battle Hardened Lille

M hamilton BH winner

Michael Hamilton (Fai) defeated Christopher Iaali (Dromai) in the finals of the 261 person, Uprising Draft event to become 2022 Battle Hardened Lille Champion, adding yet another tournament win to go alongside his two Calling championships!

BH Lille Top 8.jpg

  • 1st Michael Hamilton - Fai
  • 2nd Christopher Iaali - Dromai
  • 3rd-4th Jamie Faulkner - Fai
  • 3rd-4th Charles Dunn - Dromai
  • 5th-8th Jacob Shaker - Dromai
  • 5th-8th Ben Hannan - Iyslander
  • 5th-8th Freddy Friedrich - Iyslander
  • 5th-8th Craig Pollack - Iyslander