Bright Lights Pre-Release Delay - Europe

27th Sep 2023 Legend Story Studios

Overnight we were made aware that our partners at Asmodee in Europe have been facing supply chain issues with their distribution of Bright Lights Pre-Release stock. This means that some Asmodee-supplied stores in Europe won't receive Bright Lights Pre-Release stock (and potentially Round the Table: TCC x LSS) in time for Pre-Release weekend.

We very sorry to have to advise this, as we supplied this stock with plenty of time in advance for it to make it to stores, and it's upsetting that these downstream delays are now affecting the community like this. We understand that stock coming from Blackfire, Asmodee France, Asmodee UK and Asmodee Benelux should be ok, but there may be issues with supply to some regions serviced by Asmodee Spain, Asmodee Italy and Asmodee Nordics.

Distributors have been contacting affected stores, but if you are in one of the affected areas and have not received confirmation that your product is on it's way then you may wish to contact the sales representative at your distributor for further updates. Those stores who will not receive stock in time for Pre-Release weekend are welcome to reschedule their Pre-Release event for any day up until Monday October 9th, 2023. The events are unlocked in GEM, so please make sure to update your event details as soon as you can if you need to reschedule your Pre-Release, in order to let players find the details of the rescheduled events.

For players in the affected areas, you can use the event locator (linked below) to keep track of any changes to Pre-Release dates, and we also encourage you to check your local store's social media for updates. We appreciate the effort that stores put into organising Pre-release events, and we apologise for the inconvenience to those stores that will have to reschedule at short notice.

We know that players have been extremely excited to rip open packs of Bright Lights, and we're incredibly disappointed that these circumstances have left some stores unable to run their Pre-Release on time. We really hope that players will be able to attend a rescheduled Pre-Release, and we're really sorry that some of you will have to wait just a little longer to enter the streets of Metrix.