Announcing ProQuest

Jan 13, 2022

Legend Story Studios is excited to announce that 2022 will be starting off with our inaugural season of our in-store ProQuest events! To date the only way to play in a ProQuest event has been as part of the Calling series and National Championships. With the start of the new year, however, we're launching ProQuest in local game stores worldwide, providing the community around the world with an opportunity to qualify for the Flesh and Blood Pro Tour series, coming later this year.

ProQuest events will be hosted at local game stores worldwide, running from February 19th to March 13th. This Classic Constructed event series is open to all players, and will feature a number of prizes, with the winner claiming their invitation to the first Pro Tour, taking place in North America in the middle of this year.

ProQuest Prize Kit


  • 1x Pro Tour Invite - awarded to winner of each event (or the losing finalist if the winner has already qualified via another in-store ProQuest event).
  • 1 x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil - awarded to winner of each event
  • 2 x ProQuest playmats - awarded to finalists at each event
  • 7 x Random Adult Cold Foil Heroes - awarded to Top 8 players (excluding winner)

Prizes will also be awarded to judges at these events, including Extended Art Rainbow Foil Wartune Herald judge promos, and two People's Champion playmats, to be awarded at the TO's discretion.


Over 250 ProQuest events will be taking place worldwide through the course of the season. A full list of all the events is available in our event finder or on the map below

Battle Hardened

With ProQuest moving to become an in-store programme of play, we'll also be making some changes to our other event structures. Previously day two of the Calling events had featured ProQuest events, but for 2022 these events are now going to be renamed as Battle Hardened events. Battle Hardened events in 2022 will be importantly different from in-store ProQuest events in that;

  • The prize pools are considerably larger than for in-store events
  • Winners receive a PTI that can be redeemed for entry into any future professional event that requires an invitation (your country's National Championships, any future Pro Tour or the World Championships). By contrast, in-store ProQuest winners receive invitations that are valid only for the upcoming ProTour, and the invitation will expire if it is not used for the specific ProTour that they qualified for.

We've got announcements coming up soon regarding upcoming Battle Hardened events, which we'll be excited to share with you!