Announcing the Calling: Taiwan

25th Feb 2022

Calling Taiwan - city scape

The Calling series is coming to Asia for the first time! We've partnered with Fayble to offer a full range of high-profile events, as part of the first-ever Calling weekend in Asia.

Make your mark on the competitive scene! With a cash prize pool of USD20,000, Professional Tournament Invitations, and Golden Cold Foil Legendary prize cards, there's plenty of incentive to join in this landmark event.


Legend Story Studios (LSS)飛博很榮幸為大家對於台灣玩家來說,這將是您在經典構築主流賽事中名留青史的絕佳機會。英雄召集令:台灣」將擁有全新升級的獎品規格,除了總獎金高達 20,000 美金,還有職業錦標賽邀請函(PTI)和金箔傳奇卡!

Quick Details

Date: Friday 22 April - Sunday 24 April
Format (Main Event): Classic Constructed
Entry Fee (Main Event): NTD1400
Venue: No. 60, Tianbao St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City (Taichung World Trade Center 3rd Floor)

Participants will receive a ‘Calling’ exclusive Pulse of Volthaven playmat!


日期:2022/4/22~2022/4/24 週五至週日



會場資訊:台中世貿展覽中心三樓 (台中市西屯區天保街60號)




Champion USD7000 + Golden Cold Foil Extended Art Fyendal's Spring Tunic + Professional Tournament Invite (PTI) 7000美金 + 金箔擴圖閃卡Fyendal's Spring Tunic + PTI(職業錦標賽邀請資格)
Finalist USD3000 + Random drop Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI 3000美金 + 隨機金箔傳奇卡 + PTI(職業錦標賽邀請資格)
3rd - 4th USD1000 + Random drop Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI 1000美金 + 隨機金箔傳奇卡 + PTI(職業錦標賽邀請資格)
5th - 8th USD800 + Random drop Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI 800美金 + 隨機金箔傳奇卡 + PTI(職業錦標賽邀請資格)
9th - 32nd USD200 200美金

Prizes, Side Events, and More

Super Skirmish: Start off an amazing weekend of great games by heading down to one of the two amazing Local Game Stores running a Skirmish event in Taichung.


Battle Hardened: Enter the Blitz battle, and fight for one of two PTI's on offer for the finalists of this prestigious event!

通往FAB系列賽事最高舞台的門票,來自於職業錦標賽邀請資格(PTI)。而取得這些資格的最佳方法之一便是 Battle Hardened。獎項包括八強玩家獨有的 Battle Hardened 紀念桌布,冠軍還能獲得金箔傳奇卡,而冠軍及亞軍都能獲得令人垂涎的專業錦標賽邀請資格(PTI)。

Full Details

The full details of the event are in the Calling Taiwan page. Click below to find out more!