Announcement: Server Outage

27th Jan 2023

We just wanted to let everyone know that we're doing some upgrades to the LSS servers next week. As part of this, and GEM are going to be offline for around two hours from PST 1:30pm on 1 February (see the table below for other time zones). We've set this so that it comes after all events qualifying XP for worlds have been completed and the Pro Tour invites have been announced, and as best we can we're trying to work around the end of any Armory Events that are finishing up in Europe and to be done before events start on the East Coast. We're sorry in advance if this does interrupt anyone's event (especially to our fans in Brazilian time zone)!

Bios Update

Date Time Zone Time
2 February 2023 NZDT 10:30am
2 February 2023 AEDT 8:30am
2 February 2023 SGT 5:30am
1 February 2023 CET 10:30pm
1 February 2023 GMT 9:30pm
1 February 2023 BRT 6:30pm
1 February 2023 EST 4:30pm
1 February 2023 CST 3:30pm
1 February 2023 PST 1:30pm