History Pack 2 and HP1 Blitz Decks Out Now!

27th Feb 2023 Legend Story Studios

History Pack 2

History Pack 2 Logo (Horizontal)

History Pack 2 is out in stores now!

History Pack 2 contains many of the key cards from the second year of Flesh and Blood, curated into a single black border set for French, German, Italian, and Spanish speaking fans.

To celebrate the release of History Pack 2 in localized European languages for the first time, we have crafted a limited edition Black Label version of History Pack 2 that includes the three Fabled cards from this era!

This expansion brings the sets of Monarch, Tales of Aria and Everfest to the European languages. Experience the cards that evolved Flesh and Blood into the game it is today in French, German, Italian and Spanish. You can see more details, such as set composition, product configuration, and rarity distribution via the official product page below.

History Pack 2 Black Label Display (SP)

If you want to pick up your History Pack 2, check your nearest local game store via the store locator page. We look forward to seeing players open packs in their local game stores soon!

You can also check out History Pack 2 unboxing videos by Flesh and Blood Creators:

French - L'Œil d'Ophidia

Italian - Flesh and Blood Italia

German - Tales of Alex

Spanish - Sunflower Samurai

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History Pack 1 Blitz Decks

The perfect way to start your adventure into Rathe! History Pack 1 Blitz decks are out now!

Players can now play preconstructed versions of these original heroes. Find decks for Bravo, Dorinthea, Rhinar, Dash, Kano and Viserai.

Can't decide which hero you want to play? These decks have been designed for balanced gameplay between them, so picking up a display is a great way to try them all!

To help with your journey we've released learn to play videos for each of these heroes to get you started! Find them below.

History Pack 1 Blitz Display (IT)

Learn to Play Videos