February 2024 Armory Kit + Play Day Events

17th Jan 2024 Organized Play Team

"Woah! Did you all see that? Was it a finger, a toe, or a claw? Good grief, looks like it got extra juicy for the folks in the splash zone, hope they packed spare clothes!"

Heavy Hitters Release Day Marketing (FB Post 2)

Play Day Events

Play Day events are intended to be a fun, low-stakes way for casual players to play Flesh and Blood and for new players to try it for the first time. The February 2024 Armory Kit includes a 6-card Play Day promo pack for stores running a Play Day event during Heavy Hitters Release Weekend, from February 3rd-4th.

The suggested format for Play Day events is Heavy Hitters Blitz Preconstructed, with the first player to sign up for each of the six different heroes receiving the promo card which matches their selected hero as follows:

  • Kayo: Knucklehead (Rainbow Foil)
  • Rhinar: Monstrous Veil (Rainbow Foil)
  • Victor: Golden Glare (Rainbow Foil)
  • Betsy: Good Time Chapeau (Rainbow Foil)
  • Kassai: Hood of Red Sand (Rainbow Foil)
  • Olympia: Prized Galea (Rainbow Foil)

Play Day February 2024 Kit Image

February 2024 Armory Kit

A sandstorm is brewing - carrying whispers of retribution, and at its heart, Kassai stands poised to unleash a fury that will reshape the very landscape of her existence. The sands that bore witness to her fall, will behold her merciless retribution.


February Armory Events let you enter the Deathmatch Arena in style as the crowd goes wild!

This month two different Cold Foil cards appear in the kit: Good Time Chapeau and Hood of Red Sand. In addition, there are three different Rainbow Foil Extended Art cards: Wall of Meat and Muscle, Hearty Block, and Run into Trouble. This months People's Champion playmat features Kassai of the Golden Sand.

Armory kits are distributed to over 2,000 participating game stores free of charge around the world. They contain promotional items such as posters, as well as exclusive prize material such as cards and playmats, to reward competitors who attend and play in these casual local events.

February 2024 Armory Kit Prize Image

February 2024 Armory Kit:

  • 2x Good Time Chapeau (Cold Foil)
  • 2x Hood of Red Sand (Cold Foil)
  • 11x Wall of Meat and Muscle (Rainbow Foil Extended Art)
  • 11x Hearty Block (Rainbow Foil Extended Art)
  • 11x Run into Trouble (Rainbow Foil Extended Art)
  • 2x Kassai of the Golden Sand People’s Champion playmats
  • Armory Event and marketing posters

From February 1st, players can earn a Cold Foil Good Time Chapeau or Cold Foil Hood of Red Sand for winning their weekly Armory Event. Players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their FAB devotion with a choice of a Rainbow Foil Extended Art Wall of Meat and Muscle, Rainbow Foil Extended Art Hearty Block, or Rainbow Foil Extended Art Run into Trouble for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last).

Deserving players from each community will have the chance to be awarded a People's Champion Kassai of the Golden Sand playmat.

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