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Journal of T. H. Scarborough

Story Oct 22, 2019 Nicola Price

The journal of a researcher known as T. H. Scarborough, detailing his excursion into the depths of the Savage Lands.

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The Seven Arts

Story Oct 11, 2019 Nicola Price

The Seven Arts have been a part of Misterian culture for generations, curated from centuries of traditions and customs.

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Winds of Change

Story Oct 02, 2019 Nicola Price

Katsu is the leader of the Mugenshi, a long-forgotten clan that hid themselves within the mountains centuries ago.

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Call to Adventure

Story Sep 30, 2019 Nicola Price

A troupe of bards, seers and storytellers, one of the Maela elders took a shine to the young Bravo, sharing the legends of Aria with the bright-eyed boy.

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The Light of Dawn

Story Sep 26, 2019 Nicola Price

Born into the Ironsong family of blacksmiths, Thea spent her childhood helping out her parents in the forge and listening to the travellers who frequented the inn next door.

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Kill or be Killed

Story Sep 24, 2019 Nicola Price

Inside a small hollow, beneath the roots of a haldor, a small pup opens its eyes for the first time.

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The Wayfarer's Quest

Story Sep 17, 2019 Nicola Price

This story has been passed down verbally through the generations, recounting the legend of how the first dowsing disc was found.

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Make Your Own Luck

Story Sep 16, 2019 Nicola Price

A mercenary accepts a dangerous contract, leading him into the depths of the Savage Lands.

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