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Hero Spotlight: Katsu vs. Dorinthea

Developer Nov 21, 2019 Jason Chung

Flesh and Blood developers Jason Chung and Chris Gehring present hero deck showdown: Katsu vs Dorinthea.

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Drafting Guardian OTK

Developer Nov 08, 2019 James White

One of the most exciting Welcome to Rathe (WTR) decks to draft is Guardian OTK (One Turn Kill).

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Reading Signals vs Becoming Signals

Developer Oct 25, 2019 Jason Chung

Unlike other games, Flesh and Blood drafts put a lot of emphasis on the first pack and can ultimately decide how your deck can end up, but it’s really not as simple as picking a class and sticking with it.

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A Guide to Building a Sealed Pool

Developer Oct 17, 2019 Jason Chung

Sealed Deck is one of the most important formats in the early seasons of Flesh and Blood. As an unexplored format, many of you may struggle to get a good grip on what to do when you crack open a sealed pool...

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Card Legality Policy

Developer Oct 10, 2019 James White

Flesh and Blood card legality will use a revolving model where cards flow in and out of being legal for tournament play.

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The Art of Blocking

Developer Oct 08, 2019 Jason Chung

The art of blocking is an essential skill in Flesh and Blood. Often the right or wrong blocks will determine the outcome of the game.

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Of Youth and Learning

Developer Oct 04, 2019 James White

As we continued to develop the world of Rathe and work on the stories of our heroes, we realised that there was an amazing opportunity to capture the journey of the heroes themselves.

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Hero Zone: Katsu

Developer Oct 03, 2019 Jason Chung

Ninjas are all about agility and speed. They occupy the low cost end of the spectrum, but what they lack in power they make up for in speed.

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