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Backing Things Up

Creative Nov 18, 2019 Nicola Price

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to depict all eight regions on our card backs, in order to represent the world of Rathe.

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Building the World of Rathe

Creative Oct 21, 2019 Nicola Price

In the process of creating Flesh and Blood, we spent a lot of time developing the world of Rathe. We knew that we wanted each region to have a strong identity, something that would set it apart from the rest of our world, and create a colorful world for our heroes to live within.

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Building the Framework

Creative Oct 09, 2019 Nicola Price

We wanted to craft card frames that would establish our world from the moment you open a pack of cards, and combine with the work of our artists to create something truly memorable.

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Welcome to Rathe

Creative Sep 23, 2019 Nicola Price

In a world plagued by conflict, you must fight for the chance to determine your fate.

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First Look: World Guide Vol. 1

Creative Sep 20, 2019 Robbie Wen

What started as a collection of short stories and concept sketches slowly developed into the foundations of our world. We selected some of the most important elements related to our first Booster product (Welcome to Rathe), and created the first Flesh and Blood World Guide.

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Ira Sketch Showcase

Creative Sep 09, 2019 Nicola Price

Showcasing some of our concept art and sketches for the Ira, Crimson Haze deck.

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Heroes in Flesh and Blood

Creative Sep 06, 2019 Nicola Price

The role of heroes within Flesh and Blood, and the relationship between the characters and the game itself.

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The Regions of Solana and the Savage Lands

Creative Sep 05, 2019 Nicola Price

Introducing the regions of Solana, a noble kingdom of illumination, and the Savage Lands, a primordial jungle.

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