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What is FAB?

Welcome to Flesh and Blood, the new hero-centric fantasy trading card game, designed for incredible constructed, booster draft, and sealed deck play. You play as a hero, with many classic fantasy classes to choose from. Equip your hero and prepare to fight!


Flesh and Blood releases in local game stores across USA, Australia, and New Zealand October 11, 2019.


  1. Start Full
    The "start full" game system simulates heroes coming to the fight at full strength and wearing down over the course of battle. Action starts fast and furious from turn 1, but players will be challenged with new concepts of card management in order to master the end game.

  2. Reduce Variance
    FAB introduces a completely new resource system to the TCG industry. 100% of FAB games are interactive. Every turn of every game, plays can be made by both players to progress the game state.

  3. Every Card Counts
    During the course of most games, you will see every card in your deck at least once - so make sure they all count!

  4. Reward Good Decisions, Not Good Luck
    Victory is earned through the accumulation of many good decisions. FAB is not a game where you slam "a dragon" and ride it to victory.

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