Skirmish Retailer FAQ for EU/UK/NA/MY

12th Feb 2021 Alan Hale

Skirmish Cover

The Skirmish series is our first season of meaningful and accessible higher level organized play for 2021, available in selected stores in all our supported territories. Skirmish is a chance to engage your community with an event that will offer the things that make gaming great; great players, great games and great prizes!

What are Skirmish Events?

Skirmish is a one off event featuring the Blitz format. Each event is supported by the Skirmish prizes. Events can be run by selected stores between the 20th of February to the 11th of April 2021, using webcam play only.

Event Structure

Ideally all events should have a swiss portion into a top cut.

Players Swiss Rounds Play-off
5-8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 4
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
65-128 7 Top 8

Why did the event change from in person events to webcam?

When we first began developing Skirmish our hope had been that public health measures combined with the release of vaccine programs might have meant that there would be northern hemisphere countries where COVID would be sufficiently under control that in-store play would be a reasonable possibility.

The reality is that infection rates are higher than expected, and much of North America and Europe is in lockdown. We don’t want either stores or players to feel under pressure to travel to and participate in face-to-face events at this time, and at the same time we want to give people in lockdown something exciting to look forward to and to participate in.

Does this mean I need to stop running in-person Armory Events?

You can continue to run in-store Armory Events so long as you comply with all local and national government guidelines. However, even if you are running in-person Armory Events, you still need to run Skirmish as an online event.

We have never run events online, are there resources to assist?

Along with this FAQ we have now published Videos on the use of GEM for online events and using Discord to organize them. Check them out at the link:

What other resources are there to assist?

For rules and format support check Rules and Policy Center

Marketing assets are available here, Skirmish Digital Assets

Do I need an Judge for an event?

You don’t need a judge for the event however we would recommend that either the TO for the event or a store staff member is familiar with documents found in the Rules and Policy Centre

Since events are online what happens if a player doesn't show up for their match or has technical difficulties?

If a player doesn't turn up for their match they should be given a game loss for that round the same as an in-person event. If a technical difficulty occurs to a player while playing a round then they should be given at least five minutes to remedy the situation. If they are unable to proceed after this they must forfeit the match. In either case if a player is unable to return to the event they should be dropped by the TO.

Do players need to provide decklists?

These events are run at casual level so decklists are not required but can be asked for at the discretion of the TO. Again remember to mention this in any communication about your event.

I’m confused about the prizes… Do we get them and give them out? What do you mean participation based prizes?

Because the event has moved from in-person to webcam giving out performance based prizes becomes an issue as it is difficult to prevent cheating. As such players playing in the event now all have the chance to win prizes! After the event we will randomly select participating players and ship to them the Cold Foil Hero cards and Scar for a Scar playmats. This is handled on our side so the store does not need to do anything further. You do need to remind players to update their address details in order to be eligible for prizes. LSS has confirmed shipping partners in the US and EU to handle shipping of prizes.

What about the Rainbow Foil Head Jabs?

These will be provided to all participating stores at a later date. Details to come. You may choose to award these as additional participation prizes to players, in which case you will need to determine how players can collect their card. Alternatively you may choose to use these for an alternative promotional purpose (such as giveaways with product). However, please note that you may not sell these cards.

When will you ship the prizes and how do you know where to ship these prizes?

LSS will arrange to ship these prizes post event. Players need to update their player accounts with a shipping address. Players can log into their accounts at to do so.

Can I add prizes to the prize pool?

TO’s can add whatever additional prizes they see fit to the event. The distribution of these prizes are up to the TO and LSS will not ship these.

Do I need to run a top 4 or top 8 cut to my event since prizes are participation based?

This is up to the TO’s discretion. While the LSS provided prizes are based on participation if you supply prizes based on performance you may want to operate a top cut. Importantly make this known to your players before the event.

Players from outside my area/country want to join the event. Do I let them?

This is up to the discretion of the TO. With it being an online event you may certainly attract players locally and internationally. What we would advise is that you make this clear on your event details. You may require that an event be conducted in a specific language(s), so long as you comply with any laws regarding this that affect your country.

Can we get players to play the event on Tabletop Simulator?

Tabletop Simulator is not an option for this event.

We no longer want to run the event now it has moved to webcam play. How do we cancel the event?

If you want to cancel your event you can do so in GEM or contact OP to arrange. However if you have concerns in regards to managing technical aspects of this please let us know. We are happy to help you through the process and provide support.

Can we do sealed deck online?

Due to the complication of getting packs to players remotely, events in the EU/UK/USA are only Blitz constructed.

I'm still totally lost! Who can I reach out to?

Email the team at, we are more than happy to arrange a call to assist if needed.