Road to Nationals 2023- Updated

24th Apr 2023 Organized Play Team

The path to greatness starts in your store, with the 2023 Road to Nationals!

Road to Nationals provides players with a direct qualification into National Championships and the chance to win elite prizes in all our supported territories.

R2N 2023 - FB Cover Uzuri

How do I get a Road to Nationals event?
Road to Nationals events are assigned to selected stores. Over 300 stores have been invited to take part in 2023.

When Can I Run the Event?
The Road to Nationals season will run from May 20th to June 4th 2023.

Season Extension for Europe & selected Countries :

Stores in Europe, the UK, Hong Kong & Singapore may run their events from May 13th to June 4th 2023. This extension is to allow stores within Europe & the UK more opportunities to schedule events to avoid the Calling: Antwerp and Battle Hardened: Metropole Ruhr dates. For Singapore and Hong Kong, this extension is to allow for additional Road to Nationals events to be held within their regions. Updated March 14th.

What are Road to Nationals events?
One-off tournaments that provide players with the chance to qualify for Nationals events. Each event offers four qualification spots and a range of Cold Foil and Rainbow Foil prizes.

What format is Road to Nationals?
Road to Nationals events will use either Classic Constructed format or Draft.

Are there limitations on entry fees?
Yes, the entry fee range is as follows depending on the Format that your store chooses for the event structure.

Classic Constructed
Stores can charge up to USD30 / EUR30 / GBP30 / CAD40 / AUD40 / NZD40 entry or local currency equivalent.

Limited Events - Draft
Stores can charge up to USD50 / EUR50 / GBP50 / CAD65 / AUD65 / NZD65 or local currency equivalent.

Where can I find digital marketing Assets for Road to Nationals 2023?

These are now available on the Marketing Assets Page - Road to Nationals 2023

Classic Constructed Event Structure

Players Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 8
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
65-128 7 Top 8

Outsiders Draft Event Structure

Players Drafts Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 1 3 None
9 -16 1 3 Top 8*
17-32 2 6 Top 8
33 - 64 2 6 Top 8
65 + 2 6 Top 8

*This is a suggestion, you may run two rounds of draft pods. See our running a draft event guide for more information

Are decklists required? (Updated April 21st 2023)
Decklists will be required for Classic Constructed events.

Following the March 31st Tournament Rules and Policy Update, Draft Road to Nationals events will require card pool registration. Please refer to our Road to Nationals Draft Guide on Judge Hub for further details. Please use the Outsiders Card Pool Registration Sheet.

Road to Nationals Kit

R2N 2023 - Prize Kit

How is the prize kit going to be distributed?
The Prize kit will be supplied by your distributor. Distributors will be notified of participating stores once the event sanctioning window has closed.

What are the prizes?
The prizes for this event are as follows:

Prize Distribution
Top 4 players receive Nationals 2023 Entry Qualification
1x Jubeel, Spellbane Cold Foil At the conclusion of top 8
4x Uzuri, Switchblade Cold Foil Hero To be given out randomly to the top 8 players at the conclusion of swiss rounds
4x Riptide, Lurker of the Deep To be given out randomly to the top 8 players at the conclusion of swiss rounds
24x Spinning Wheel Kick Rainbow Foil Extended Art At the conclusion of swiss rounds

Prize Distribution

The top 4 players will also qualify for entry into the National Championships 2023 for their respective countries.

Placing What materials When
1st 1x Jubeel, Spellbane Cold Foil Equipment to be awarded to the winner of your Road to Nationals event. At the conclusion of top 8
1st - 8th 4x Uzuri, Switchblade Cold Foil Hero cards & 4x Riptide, Lurker of the Deep Cold Foil To be given out randomly to the top 8 players at the conclusion of swiss rounds
9th - 32nd 24x Spinning Wheel Kick Rainbow Foil Extended Art cards At the conclusion of swiss rounds

Other Questions

Can I run this event at a location that is not my store?
Road to Nationals events can be run at alternate locations. However, location information needs to be entered in the event description in GEM when you create the event.

Can store staff play in these events?
The TO and judges for the event cannot play. Store staff that are not involved in the administration of the event are allowed.
Additionally, the TO is not allowed to be a judge in the event.

I’ve chosen to run an Outsiders Draft event. How will I get stock for the Draft?
Stores will need to order stock from their distributor or have stock already on hand for the event.

Can I add additional prize support to the prize pool?
Yes, however, please be aware of the fixed cap on entry fees for Road to Nationals events.

Is there a minimum number of players to run this event?
Events need a minimum of 8 players to run. If a store runs an event with less than 8 players it will not award any qualifications.

Is there a maximum number of players?
Road to Nationals events are one of our most popular event series and frequently attract a high number of players. Stores may set an attendance cap for their Road to Nationals events in line with their store's capacity and staffing capabilities, however, you may wish to consider an external venue if your store has the capacity for less than 32 players. If your event does have an attendance cap then we encourage you to have a clearly communicated pre-registration process to reduce the risk of player disappointment.

Players from outside my country want to join the event. Do I let them?
Yes, players from outside your country can play in your event. If they win a qualification they can only attend the Nationals of the country they are resident in, this does not take away a Nationals spot from your country.

Rules Enforcement, Judges and Decklists (Updated April 24th 2023)

What level of rules enforcement is this event run at?
Road to Nationals events are run at Competitive rules enforcement. Please check the Penalty Guidelines for more information.

Will I need a Judge for this event?
Road to Nationals requires a Level One Judge to run. If you do not have a Judge in your area or have a candidate requiring testing you can now do so at Judge Hub.
for more information on how to find a Judge using the Judge Hub platform please check out the following article Tournament Organizer Guide to JudgeHub

Is there Judge Support?
Each Kit contains the following:


  • 2x Theryon, Magister of Justice Rainbow Foil
  • 1x Volcor Playmat (to be awarded to the events Head Judge)

These rewards must be provided to your Judge team. Judge Support must only be given to the judge team of the event itself. They are not to be used as door or spot prizes for the players or given to non-judge staff members.
If you have only one Judge, then the whole Judge Support should be given to that judge. If you have two judges, each will receive a Judge Promo. The head judge will receive the playmat.

Judge Support is not allowed to be used as compensation.

LSS provides this Judge Support to reward Judges for their skills and dedication shown towards the game. Judge support is not allowed to be used to replace any compensation judges would otherwise receive for working a Road to Nationals event.


Events such as Road to Nationals also give you the opportunity to share your store and local community with our team and the wider Flesh and Blood community. We invite all stores hosting Road to Nationals events to fill out the Road to Nationals Event Data Collection 2023 form to provide us with coverage information for your event. This is in addition to the hero data and results which are collected via collected via GEM and the Hero Assignment feature.

We're primarily looking for:

Top 8 decklists - photo of the winner & Top 8 - General event photos - Hero breakdowns - Stories of players, matches, or the day

Please note we cannot feature every store that provides coverage information, but we greatly appreciate any and all information stores can provide for our coverage pieces. We look forward to hearing your stories! If you have any questions about the form or want to submit additional information, please email the team at

I still need help! Who can I reach out to?

Email the team at, and an account manager will be in contact with you.

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