ProQuest Q1 2022 - Retailer FAQ

8th Dec 2021 Legend Story Studios

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What are ProQuest events?

Pro-quest provides players with a qualification to the Pro Tour 2022 and the chance to win exclusive prizes in all our supported territories.

Entry fee?
The entry fee can be set at your discretion.

Can I add prizes to the prize pool?

Stores are free to add any additional prize support they deem necessary.


Season Dates

What are the season dates and when can I sanction the event?

19th of February - 13th of March 2022. Events can be sanctioned now. Events must be scheduled before 5.00pn PST Wednesday December 15 2022.

Is there any flexibility on the event dates?

Events must be run in this window. If stores cannot run the event during this time the event MUST be cancelled and the Prize Kit MUST be returned to your distributor.

How will I know if my store is selected for the ProQuest?

Stores will receive an email to confirm and the option for ProQuest will appear in GEM when creating a new event.

Prize Kits

1x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Equipment or Weapon

7x Cold Foil Adult Heroes (Each kit will contain 1 of each hero from Monarch and Tales of Aria)

2x ProQuest Playmats.

2x People’s Champion playmat

6x Wartune Herald Extended Art Rainbow Foil Judge promos (This is the first time this card has been available as an extended art!)

Do the top players qualify for any other events?

The winner of each ProQuest season 1 event qualifies for Pro Tour #1. This qualification is not transferable to another player or another Pro Tour.

How is the prize kit going to be distributed?

The prize kit will be supplied by your distributor. These kits will be shipped from your distributor in the new year.


The 7 Cold foil heroes should be randomly given out as each player is eliminated from the top 8.

Before the final match begins, the two finalists should be each given the ProQuest play mat. If you are streaming the final, we encourage you to play the final match both using the play mats.

At the conclusion of Top 8, first place is awarded the random drop Gold Cold Foil prize card.

There is no physical Pro Tour invitation. Completing your event in GEM will provide LSS with the winners details and therefore qualify that player for Pro Tour #1.

Event Structure

All ProQuest season 1 events must use the Classic Constructed format. They must be in-person events, there will be no online events for this series.

Are decklists required?

Decklists are mandatory for these events, you can find the Deck Registration Sheet here

Is there a minimum number of players to run this event?

ProQuest events need a minimum of 8 players to run.

Is there a maximum number of players?

No. You are welcome to set an attendance cap on your event.

Rounds and Top Cut

Players Swiss Rounds Top Cut
8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 4
17- 32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
64 - 128 7 Top 8

Can players who are already qualified for the Pro Tour (such as by winning another ProQuest) play in my store’s event?

Yes, players who are already qualified for the Pro Tour can participate in ProQuest events. However, there is no additional benefit to a player from qualifying for the same Pro Tour multiple times.

Can I run this event at a location that is not my store?

ProQuest events can be run at alternate locations. However, location descriptions need to be entered when you create the event in GEM.

Can store staff play in these events?

The Tournament Organizer and Judges cannot play in the event. Store staff that are not involved in the administration of the event are allowed.

ProQuest Poster

Judges & Rules Enforcement

What level of rules enforcement is ProQuest run at?

Casual level of rules enforcement. Please check here for more information, Rules & Policy

Will I need a Judge for this event?

ProQuest events MUST have a Level 1 or higher judge. The Judge programme has qualified over 600 Judges this year. If you have a player that wants to be qualified as a Judge they can sign up for the first round of Judge exams for 2022. Please get them to follow this link:

Flesh and Blood Level 1 Judge Registration

Please note: There will be two windows of opportunity to take the judge exam in January and February before the ProQuest series begins.

Judge Support

Included in the prize kit is two People’s Champion playmats and six Wartune Herald Judge promos. These are to be used to reward your Judge team, allocated at your discretion. All of these Judge Support materials must be given away at your ProQuest event. If you only have 1 Judge, please award the second People’s Champion playmat to a positive member of your local community who played in the ProQuest event.

Time Requirements

How long should I budget for ProQuest?

For ProQuest, we recommend 55-minute rounds. This allows players 5 minutes to present their decks and 50 minutes to play their match.

Further Questions

Where can I find digital assets for Facebook, Twitter and website use?

You can find them here Additional resources will be coming in the new year.

I still need help! Who can I reach out to?

Email the team at, we are more than happy to arrange a call to assist if needed.