Part the Mistveil Play Day Events

May 20, 2024 Organised Play Team

As we approach the official release of Part the Mistveil, we encourage stores to schedule Play Day Events during release weekend, Friday May 31st to Sunday June 2nd.

Play Day Events are intended to be a fun, low-stakes way for casual players to enjoy exploring the new cards from Part the Mistveil, featuring extra prizing.

The June Armory Kit will include a 6-card Play Day promo pack in addition to the normal prizing. The promo pack includes two Rainbow Foil copies of each signature weapon belonging to the three heroes in Part the Mistveil.

MST_Play_Day_Events_Kit (1)

The suggested format for Play Day events is Blitz Preconstructed, with players ideally using Blitz Decks from the Part the Mistveil Blitz Deck Collection box set, or alternatively, a Heavy Hitters Blitz Deck.

It is recommended that the first six players who sign up to play as a Part the Mistveil hero receive a Play Day promo, and that where possible, they receive the Rainbow Foil signature weapon for the hero they are playing, as follows:

Zen Tiger Taming Khakkara
Nuu Beckoning Mistblade
Enigma Cosmo, Scroll of Ancestral Tapestry

We have created a new tournament type - “Play Day” - which can be used for this event, either in place of your normal scheduled Armory Event or as an additional event.

Schedule your Play Day Event now!