Outsiders Pre-release- Retailer FAQ

28th Nov 2022


Legend Story Studios is proud to announce the release of Outsiders - the latest booster set for Flesh and Blood - releasing 24 March! Outsiders takes Flesh and Blood down into the Pits, the sprawling web of underground caverns and canals, home to all manner of backstabbing and skullduggery.

Outsiders will support both constructed and limited play, and as such we are once again running a weekend of  Outsiders Pre-release events from 17-20 March 2023!

What are Pre-release events?
Pre-release provides players with the opportunity to experience a new set before it is available to the public in their local game store. All events are in-person events, there will be no online events for this series.

What is the Format for Pre-release?
Outsiders Sealed Deck is the format for this event.

Entry fee?
Stores can charge up to USD30 / EUR30 / GBP30 / CAD45 / AUD45 / NZD45 or local currency equivalent. (If it's normal in the territory for sales tax to be applied to the marketed price at the point of purchase, sales tax may be charged in addition to the prices stated here.)

Can I add prizes to the prize pool?
Stores are free to add any additional prize support they deem necessary.


What is the event window?
Friday, 17th March 2023, 3 PM - Monday, 20th March 2023 local time. Events can be sanctioned now!

We are now allowing stores to run Monday Pre-releases if they wish, recognising the increase in the number of territories that we are supporting that do not allow Sunday trading.

Is there any flexibility on the event dates?
Events must be run in this window. If stores cannot run the event during this time the event MUST be cancelled and the Prize Kit MUST be returned to your distributor unless previously agreed in writing by LSS.

How will I know if my store is selected for Pre-release?
Stores will receive an email invitation to notify them that the option for Pre-release- Outsiders will appear in GEM when creating a new event.

There will be 2 waves of invitations for this event going out.

  • The first wave will be in December 2022 (1-week event sanctioning window)
  • The second wave will be in January 2023 (1-week event sanctioning window)

If you have not been selected as part of the Wave 1 event solicitations and would like to express interest in hosting an event, you can complete this form to provide us your details. Please note that Wave 2 allocations will be very limited, so completing the form does not guarantee that you will be able to host an event.

Event Structure

Is there a minimum number of players to run this event
Pre-release events need a minimum of 8 players to run.

Is there a maximum number of players?
No. You are welcome to set an attendance cap on your event.

How long should I budget for a Pre-release event?
The standard length for a sealed deck round is 30 minutes + 5 minutes for start of game procedure. However, you may set the round length at your discretion based on how experienced your players are. This is a new set and players will be unfamiliar with many of the cards. You should set an appropriate round length to ensure that the event runs in a timely fashion but also allows players to reasonably complete their matches.

Players Swiss Rounds
8 3
9 - 16 4
17 - 32 5
33 - 64 6
64 - 128 7

Prize and Distribution

How is the prize kit going to be supplied?
The prize kit will be supplied by your distributor.

What is in the kit?
The kit information will be announced in 2023.


Are Judges required for Pre-release events?
Judges are not required and we do not provide Judge support for Pre-release events. However, Judges bring many benefits to your event. If you have access to one we would recommend having one in attendance.

What happens if there is a rules question that I cannot answer?
Release notes will be made available prior to the Pre-Release events. If you are unable to answer a question after referring to the notes, just try your best to make a ruling that is fair to both players. Ultimately we view Pre-Releases as fun/casual events so a positive player experience should be the main goal of the event.


We would love to hear about your pre-release event! Please note we cannot feature every store that provides coverage information, but we greatly appreciate any and all information stores can provide for our coverage pieces. To submit the story of your pre-release a link will be provided to all participating stores in 2023.

Further Questions

What's the earliest that I can start a Friday Pre-Release?
The earliest that a Friday Pre-Release can start is 3 pm local time.

Are there any suggested start times for events?
Because there may be other stores running events in your area on the same day we would suggest you communicate with them to coordinate events.
Our suggested timings are as followed:

  • Friday - From 3 pm onward.
  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday- Morning Events 10 am start - Afternoon Events 2 pm start (you may start before these times)

When should I receive my PR kit? What do I do if I haven’t received it?
Prize kits should arrive in your store no later than 1 week before your event, however with shipping delays worldwide for any questions regarding delivery, please contact your distributor in 2023.

When can we pre-order Outsiders booster stock?
Product details and sales sheets for the Outsiders Booster Set will be announced in mid-January 2023. Please wait until then to contact your distributors for pre-orders as they will not be able to take them just yet.

If I don't open a particular hero or weapon token, does this mean I can't play with them?
Each Pre-release outsiders kit will come with Hero and Weapons tokens included.

Are there marketing assets available for me to use to promote the event?
Marketing Assets are now available - Outsiders Marketing Assets

Selling Product

If my event doesn’t sell out am I able to sell the spare boosters/booster boxes from the PR kits?
Any remaining unsold/spare boosters/booster boxes from Pre-Release kits must not be sold under any circumstances prior to the official street release date.

Can I sell the prize cards that I receive in the kit if I am unable to run my event?
Prize cards must not be sold under any circumstances. If you are unable to run your event, please contact us op@fabtcg.com

Final Words

Pre-releases are casual events and a chance to introduce new players to the community. When you are running and judging events, please be friendly and polite towards players and encourage them to act in the same way.

If there are rules breaches, we would encourage you to assume good faith on behalf of the players, do your best to correct the game state so the match can continue, and use the situation as a learning opportunity to teach the players about the game. The overall goal is for everyone to have fun exploring the new set, and anything that you can do to make the event a great experience is much appreciated.