Online Armory Event Guidelines

30th Mar 2020

If your store is unable to support in-store play at this time, keep your FAB community engaged through the sanctioning of online Events.

There are now multiple ways to play Flesh and Blood online using Untap, Tabletop Simulator or playing games over a webcam. Many players already use these mediums to play the game.

You can now officially sanction events in GEM for constructed online play. You can create weekly Armory events or do on-demand events. Running events online doesn’t require you to set up the games for players. Your role is to accept any payment for the event, provide pairings, enter results and award prizes if applicable.

Our friends at have come on board to assist stores with running leagues. They are offering their services to assist you in setting up events. For help with league events you can contact the team at

Running an online event

  1. Register players and provide a time frame over which each round must be played and results be submitted to you. Events can be run over multiple days to best fit in with your community (and if you have international players, their timezone).
  2. Provide players with pairings. It is not up to the store to facilitate the matches. Players must arrange it themselves and choose the medium they play over whether it be Untap, Tabletop Simulator or Webcam.
  3. Then rinse and repeat for as many rounds as your event lasts. Provide standings and prizes (if applicable). Please set expectations with players on when prizes can be awarded or shipped out.

Please keep in mind sanctioning online events will not allow you to sanction more than one Armory event per week. If you want to run multiple events please use the on-demand event option.

We will be monitoring online events to make sure they are not subject to abuse. Stores abusing this option will lose the ability to participate in OP.

If you are running Armory events then use your current kits to support it, on demand events should not use Armory kit prizes.

Running online events keeps players engaged with the game and your store at a time where normal play is not available.

For more information, please contact the team at