Official Flesh and Blood Tablecloths

25th Nov 2021

Legend Story Studio is proud to present something new in our initiative to support your LGS. The play space a store offers has a vital role in bringing their community together to laugh, play and compete.

Introducing the first official Flesh and Blood Tablecloth. Each Tablecloth sports the FAB logo and textured background.

Tablecloth measurements: W: 115 cm (3.7 ft) L: 223cm (7.3 ft)

(Thanks to the team at Fayble Hobby Distribution for the images)

How will Tablecloths be distributed and when?

The initial distribution of Tablecloths will be determined by 90 day Organized Play stats. Stores that have met a certain number of events in the 90 days period starting the 8th of August will be receiving their tablecloths in the first round of tablecloths allocation.

The first round of distribution will take place next month. Tablecloths will be sent to you from your preferred distributor.

We have over 2000 Tablecloths going out to stores in this first round of distribution.

How do I know if my store will be receiving a Tablecloth in this round of allocation?

Check the list at the bottom of the article.

Note: Fayble Hobby Distribution stores please contact them to discuss tablecloth allocation. New Zealand stores will be receiving allocations in the coming weeks.

How many Tablecloths will I receive?

Each store awarded tablecloths will receive six tablecloths in total.

I’m not on the list? How do I get these in the future?

Simply continue to run OP and promote events in-store. The stores that received Tablecloths in round 1, did so because they ran and promoted their regular events in-store over the last three month period.

When is the next chance to get these?

We will be distributing Tablecloths in 2022 on a quarterly cycle.

Please note: Additional Tablecloths may be available to selected event partners in the Q1 season of Organized Play, for events such as Pro-quest and Road to Nationals.

Are the tablecloths machine washable?

Yes, the Flesh and Blood tablecloth is machine washable, cold machine wash or hand wash.

If your store is new to Flesh and Blood OP please read through our retailer quickstart to help you get OP set up in your store.

Get OP running in your store NOW!

If you have questions regarding OP please contact us at for the team to further assist you.