Monarch Product Release - Reminder

28th Apr 2021

The upcoming release of the Monarch set has been met with unprecedented excitement by Flesh and Blood TCG fans worldwide.

With Pre-Release Events and the subsequent official release of the product only days away, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind retailers of their obligations regarding shipping dates, opening of product, and the official release date.


  • Monarch product’ refers to all Sealed Monarch products. This includes:
    • Monarch Booster packs/boxes/cases
    • Monarch Hero Decks
  • All times stated on this page refers to your local timezone.

Pre-Release Events

Pre-Release events must not be held prior to 3pm Friday 30th April under ANY circumstances. Please refer to the ‘Shipping’ section below if your store is sending out Pre-Release kits to customers.

Official Release Date

The official release date for Monarch is: Friday 7th May.

Stores must not, under ANY circumstances, make Monarch product available for purchase in store prior to the official release date. Please refer to the ‘Shipping’ section below for sales involving shipping.


Monarch Pre-Release kits must not be sent out to customers before 3pm Friday 30th April under ANY circumstances.

All other Monarch products must not be sent out to customers before Friday 7th May under ANY circumstances.

In the event that we become aware of customers receiving Monarch product early we will investigate and take appropriate action.


One of Legend Story Studios (LSS) stated goals is to support Local Games Stores by bringing players together through the common language of playing great games. We believe LGSs play a very important role in their local communities.

Stores who break these rules not only risk ruining the excitement of other players, but also negatively impacting the business of other stores.

There will be severe repercussions for any stores found to be in breach of these rules. LSS will be actively monitoring social media channels and investigating reports by players of any potential breaches. LSS may take any actions it deems necessary to punish breaches including:

  • Restricting access to Armory Support
  • Removal from consideration for future Organised Play Events (such as Pre-Releases, Skirmish etc)
  • Temporary deactivation of the store’s GEM Account
    • This will remove the ability of the store to order Flesh and Blood TCG product from their distributor during this period.
  • Permanent blacklist of the store involved
    • The store will be permanently removed from GEM and will not be able to order any further Flesh and Blood TCG product from their distributor.