March 2023 Armory Kit FAQ - Barbed Castaway

17th Feb 2023 Organized Play Team

Prizes and Distribution

March 2023 Armory Kit Prize Image

4x Barbed Castaway (Cold Foil)
11x Spike with Bloodrot (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
11x Spike with Inertia (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
11x Spike with Frailty (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
2x Uzuri, Switchblade playmat
4x Armory Events and Marketing Poster
1x Traps (errata) Tuck Box

How to use the Armory Kit Barbed Castaway materials:

  • Armory Kits are designed to support four weekly events. Only 1 Armory Event can be run per week.
  • Suggested Armory Event formats are Blitz or Booster Draft. A four-round Blitz tournament or draft pod + three rounds, will both complete within two hours. An overview of formats can be found at
  • Each event should offer a Barbed Castaway (Cold Foil) card for first place. Spike with Bloodrot/Spike with Inertia/Spike with Frailty (Extended Art Rainbow Foils) to be distributed to top-placed players and/or as participation prizes (at your discretion).
  • The People's Champion Uzuri, Switchblade playmats must be given as a prize to a player and/or ambassador who represents positive community spirit. They are not to be used as performance-based prizes.

This month's kit will also include an additional tuck box of promotional cards with the following:

  • 12x Tripwire Trap (Rainbow Foil)
  • 12x Pitfall Trap (Rainbow Foil)
  • 12x Rockslide Trap (Rainbow Foil)

The Rainbow Foil trap cards included are updated versions of these cards. These can be given out to customers freely and are not part of the kit prizing.

Please keep in mind our Use of Organised Play Materials Policy: local game stores who receive Organized Play materials are not eligible to sell promo cards or promotional playmats included in these kits at any time present or future. This includes if you purchase Organized Play promo cards or promotional play mats on the secondary market with the intention of reselling them.

If you have any questions about organized play, please contact us at

March 2023 Armory Kit - Barbed Castaway - Marketing Assets