LGS Monarch Pre-release FAQ

9th Apr 2021 Alan Hale

If your store has been selected to host a Monarch pre-release, please read the following FAQ to support a great event for your store and community.

The Basics

  • Selected stores can run one pre-release event and only the date that has been assigned to them between April 30 - May 2.
  • Stores have been allocated between 1 and 4 pre-release bundles. Each bundle supports 16 players. If you have been allocated more than one bundle, it's to enable the running a larger event, not multiple small events.
  • Pre-release bundles must be purchased from your distributor (based on the distributor that you have selected in GEM)
  • Pre-release events must be scheduled GEM.
  • A pre-release bundle contains:
    • 1 case of Monarch boosters (96 boosters)
    • 32 Cold Foil promo cards (16 Ray of Hope & 16 Eclipse Existence)
    • 2 pre-release playmats
  • The format for pre-release is Sealed Deck. Each player receives 6 Monarch boosters to construct a 30 card minimum deck.
  • The sale of boosters, booster boxes and Blitz Decks is not allowed on pre-release weekend. (Release date is May 7)

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Q. Where do I get the pre-release bundles? What will they cost?

Pre-release bundles are available from your nominated distributor. Once the sanctioning window for pre-release is closed distributors will be provided with the names of eligible stores and pre-release bundle allocations. Distributors will make these bundles available to order to the selected stores.

Q. Am I allowed to place a player cap on my event? For example if my store’s kit has enough product for 32 players for Sealed deck, can I set the numbers cap below 32?

A. Unless it is not practical to do so, we would ask stores to refrain from setting a player limit that is lower than the amount supported by the product in the Pre-Release kit. The intention behind the Pre-Release kits is to enable players to be able to open and play with Monarch in a fun environment prior to the official set release.

Q. What's the earliest that I can start a Friday Pre-Release?

A. The earliest that a Friday Pre-Release can start is 3pm local time

Q. When should I receive my PR kit by? What do I do if I haven’t received it?

A. For any questions regarding delivery, please contact your distributor.

Q. What do I charge for a pre-release event?

A. Stores can charge up to USD30 / EUR30 / GBP30 / CAD45 / AUD45 / NZD45 or local currency equivalent. (If it's normal in the territory for sales tax to be applied to the marketed price at the point of purchase, sales tax may be charged in addition to the prices stated here.)

Event Structure

Q. If I don't open a particular hero or weapon token in my sealed pool does this mean I cant play with them?

A. No, players should separate all tokens from their card pool. The tournament organizer should collect any tokens that players are not using and place them in a general pool of hero/weapon tokens. If players require additional tokens to complete their deck, they should get them from the general pool.

Q. Should I have a cut to Top 8? If so, should the Top 8 format be Booster Draft?

A. This is up to you. Please be aware that 1 Pre-Release bundle supports exactly 16 players to play sealed deck (6 boosters per player). You will only be able to offer a top 8 booster draft if you have left over boosters after running the sealed deck portion of your Pre-Release event.

Q. Am I able to offer either Sealed or Booster Draft for the PR event?

A. The main event must be Sealed Deck. If you choose to run a Top 8, you may do a booster draft.

Q. How many rounds of Swiss should my tournament be?

A. The recommended number of rounds are:

  • 5-8 Players - 3 Rounds
  • 9-16 Players - 4 Rounds
  • 17-32 Players - 5 Rounds
  • 33-64 Players - 6 Rounds

Q. How long should a round be?

A. The standard length for a sealed deck round is 30 minutes + 5 minutes. However, you may set the round length at your discretion based on how experienced your players are. This is a new set and players will be unfamiliar with many of the cards. You should set an appropriate round length to ensure that the event runs in a timely fashion but also allows players to reasonably complete their matches.

Q. When should I give out prizes? Can I hold prizes till the end of the event to make sure people play the whole event?

A. The Pre-release promos should given out at the start of deck construction as players are allowed to play with these cards as part of their sealed pool.

Q. Can players use the pre-release promo's in their sealed decks?

A. Yes, this is why a Pre-Release bundle has enough promos for every player to receive 1 of each promo.

Q. Do players have to open a hero or weapon token in order to play it?

A. No, players should separate all tokens from their card pool. The tournament organiser should collect any tokens that players are not using and place them in a general pool of hero/weapon tokens. If players require additional tokens to complete their deck, they should get them from the general pool.


Q. If my event doesn’t sell out am I able to sell the spare boosters/booster boxes from the PR kits? If so, can I sell it to players at the event on the day?

A. Any remaining unsold/spare boosters/booster boxes from Pre-Release kits must not be sold under any circumstances prior to the official release date.

Q. Can I sell the prize cards that I receive in the kit if I am unable to run my event?

A. Prize cards must not be sold under any circumstances. If you are unable to run your event, please contact us and we will advise you on possible options by which to distribute these to players.


Q. What happens if there is a rules question that I cannot answer?

A. Comprehensive release notes will be made available prior to the Pre-Release events. If you are unable to answer a question after referring to the notes, just try your best to make a ruling that is fair to both players. Ultimately we view Pre-Releases as fun/more casual events so a positive player experience should be the main goal of the event.

Q. I’ve heard from my players about updates to the “end of match procedure” and concessions policy. Are these required to be enforced at PR events?

A. Yes, these have been updated in our Tournament Rules and can be found here, Tournament Rules and Policy.


Q. My area is in lockdown. Can I send product out to players prior to the pre-release so they can play at home or online?

A. You may sell product to players for them to run an at home release event, or run an online webcam tournament if COVID restrictions prevent you from running an event in store. If you do this you;

  • Must still comply with the pricing requirements above.
  • Must NOT commence distribution of product before 3pm Friday 30 April local time. This restriction applies to allowing players to collect product from your store to play at home, and also applies to any pre-release kits that you may send to players by mail.

Q. How do I distribute product and prizes for an at home release kit?

A. An at home release kit should comprise 6 packs per player as well as one of each of the Cold Foils promo cards. Playmats may be given out at the discretion of the store, but must not be given out as a reward for additional purchases, spending a certain amount, or exchanged for any form of consideration.

Q. My area is under Covid lockdown restrictions. Can I offer an online event via webcam?

A. Yes! Stores are welcome to host Online events if local health and safety guidelines restrict their ability to run in-person events.

Q. For Online events, should these be restricted to players in my local area or can I take signups from anywhere?

A. Stores may offer Pre-Release tickets to players from anywhere. One option may be to first offer tickets to your local player base and then opening sign-ups to everyone else.

Q. COVID rules limit the number of players that I can have in store. Can I run multiple pre-release flights in this case?

A. This is the one exception to the requirement to run your pre-release as a single event. If local regulations cap the number of players you may have in store, you may run multiple pre-release flights. Examples of where this is the case include Hong Kong and Singapore.

Event Dates – Religious & Public Holidays

We have been made aware that in some territories pre-release dates may clash with public and religious holidays. If your assigned event date does clash, please let the Organized Play team know at op@fabtcg.com and we can quickly work to provide an alternate date within the pre-release window.

Final Words

Monarch is a set that we have put a huge amount of effort into and your involvement in supporting pre-releases for the community is indispensable. Pre-releases are casual events and a chance to introduce new players to the community. When you are running and judging events, please be friendly and polite towards players and encourage them to act in the same way.

If there are rules breaches, we would encourage you to assume good faith on behalf of the players, do your best to correct the game state so the match can continue, and use the situation as a learning opportunity to teach the players about the game. The overall goal is for everyone to have fun exploring the new set, and anything that you can do to make the event a great experience is much appreciated.

Ultimately if we have missed anything in this FAQ, please reach out to us at op@fabtcg.com

Thank you for your support of the community. We hope you have a great pre-release event!