It's Fast, Its Fun; Blitz and your LGS!

16th Jul 2020 Alan Hale

It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s 52 card Blitz!

Welcome to the world of Blitz!

Blitz is the new format for Flesh and Blood, which will receive support along with Classic Constructed, Booster Draft and Sealed Deck. While players are eagerly adopting the format, what do you need to know as a LGS?

  • Blitz is designed for fast and fun game play. You can run a four round event in as little as two hours. This allows you to easily add Blitz events into your OP schedule.
  • Blitz is our recommended format for Play Anywhere, and for stores who are able to run OP, but must comply with health and safety guidelines- which often require gatherings to be limited to short time frames.
  • Blitz is a great format for casual play, and for on-boarding new players. With just 52 cards in a deck, it’s an easy gateway for both new players and casual players, as great decks can easily be made up using commons and rares.
  • Looking for inspiration to build some Blitz decks for your store? Then check out some of the Budget Blitz decks below, which have been designed by the FAB team for fun, fast games.
  • Blitz is available to be run for Armory and on-demand events. Just select Blitz in the Format field when creating events.
  • Crucible of War brings additional support for the format, including new equipment cards and young heroes for players to experiment and craft new decks with.
  • Blitz will receive additional buzz from selected Nationals events running PTI (professional tournament invitation) qualifiers using the Blitz format. With top eight lists to be published on
  • Blitz will be supported with future in-store OP programs.

The Rules - Check out the full breakdown of the format here:

For any queries on Blitz or Organized Play contact the team at

Blitz Decks for your LGS

Check out some of these Blitz decks designed by the Legend Story Studios team for you to build in-store. Every deck is designed for fun and fast play and are budget-friendly, with no Legendary or Majestic cards!