Farewell to Welcome to Rathe - Covid Procedure Update

10th Jan 2022 Organized Play Team

Legend Story Studios thanks all the stores who have already signed up for this amazing event celebrating the original set for Flesh and Blood. With over 800 events scheduled there is still time for your store to sign up for this event. Follow the link below for full information on bringing your store and community onboard for this one of a kind event.

Farewell to Welcome to Rathe - Sign up Info and FAQ

Farewell to Welcome to Rathe - Covid Procedure Update


As Covid continues to spread worldwide, we understand that rules move fast and that changes in local regulations may make it impossible to run events as was envisioned when this series was announced. Governments have been responding to the surge in Omicron infections with a wide range of policy measures, some of which have meant that stores are unable to run organized play.

Previously Farewell WTR events had to be run on the weekend of January 21st-23rd 2022 for Asia and on the weekend of January 28th-30th 2022 for the rest of the world. However, we recognize that this latest wave of restrictions has again been hard on stores. We want to provide you with some additional opportunities to run these events if possible and get your community back in store without clashing with the upcoming season of ProQuest. As such, the revised COVID protocols for the season are now as follows;

  • Due to the format of the event (WTR Draft) events cannot be run online and are in-store only.
  • All events must be run in compliance with local safety laws and regulations
  • If an event cannot be run due to local COVID restrictions, then it can now be postponed up until 13 February 2022. If an event cannot be run by this date then it will need to be cancelled, as ProQuest is starting the following week.
  • Stores that have restrictions on in-store numbers can run individual pods. For example, 8-player pods could be run at different times if that complied with local restrictions. Pods need to be run with a minimum of 8 players per pod. Please contact the team at op@fabtcg.com for support with this option.

If local restrictions prevent play in-store then event prizes can be given away to players, for example;

  • used as a surprise gift with purchase to loyal members of your community.
  • given away as part of online promotion on your social media
  • used as additional prizes in future Armory Events

You may not;

  • Sell the promos
  • Bundle them with other products and market them for sale 

Stores are not required to return prize support but they must be used as was envisioned when this series was announced .

If your store has any questions about these measures please contact the team at op@fabtcg.com so we can help you.

Farewell to WTR - Sign up Information