December Festive Armory Kit

18th Nov 2021

December 2021 - Armory Kit Festival

Dear local game store,

Thank you for your support of Flesh and Blood!

We hope this kit finds you well. Bring your community together with the Festival Armory Kit.

If you have not done so already, please get your upcoming events scheduled in GEM (, so players in your local area can find your events on the official event locator. It’s important that you run your events using GEM so your players receive XP to work their way up the national and global leaderboards, and so Legend Story Studios can see your OP efforts and include you in our upcoming OP programs! If you have any questions about organized play, please contact us at

Armory Kit Festival contains:

● 36x Festive season Cracked Baubles (Cold Foil)

● 2x Festive season Cracked Bauble playmats

● Armory Event and marketing posters

How to use the Armory Kit Festive Season materials:

● Armory Kits are designed to support four weekly events. Only 1 Armory Event can be run per week.

● Suggested Armory Event formats are Blitz or Booster Draft. A four round Blitz tournament or draft pod + three rounds, will both complete within two hours. An overview of formats can be found at

● In December you may find your normal organized play patterns disrupted between public holidays and the rush of the festive season. The distribution of Armory kit contents for December is up to your discretion. Stores should be aiming to run 3-4 Armory events during the month and should split the Cold Foil Cracked Baubles evenly between these events as both performance and participation prizes.

● The Peoples Champion ‘Cracked Bauble’ playmats must be given as prizes to players and/or ambassadors who represent positive community spirit. They are not to be used as performance based prizes. If you haven’t read the Use of Armory Kit Materials Policy, please do so on the retailer news section of, or click on the policy link in the GEM news feed. This policy includes details of how you can use the materials in this kit if your store is unable to host in-store OP due to Covid-19.

If you have any questions about organized play, please contact us at