Bright Lights Release Celebration Promos FAQ

21st Sep 2023 Organized Play Team

“Are you tired of being just another cog in the machine? Why not become more than you could ever imagine? Join Teklo Industries and create a better future for everyone. A future… with Bright Lights!”

Bright Lights puts the boost in standalone booster set, taking you through the bustling copper streets of Metrix, a city of technological wonders and scientific advancement.

Featuring new Mechanologist heroes, Bright Lights introduces unique gameplay to Flesh and Blood, with equipment that starts in your deck. Build your own mechanized Evo suit to stomp the competition - it’s time to suit up and throw down!

To further celebrate this special occasion, the Bright Lights release will have Release Celebration Promos, available from eligible retailers while stocks last.

Release Celebration Promos – Key Points

  • Available from eligible retailers while stocks last.
  • These come in a flow wrap that contains 12 promos, 3 of each card.
  • Stores have been allocated these promos based on their Organized Play activity.
  • Check with your distributor to confirm your allocation.
  • These promos are to support in store sales only and should not be used for online orders.
  • These should be provided one promo card per Bright Lights Booster Box. However, retailers may apply per customer limits at their discretion.

What are the Release promos?

The promos consist of the following cards:

  • Teklo Base Head (Cold Foil)
  • Teklo Base Chest (Cold Foil)
  • Teklo Base Arms (Cold Foil)
  • Teklo Base Legs (Cold Foil)

Release Celebration Promos

Teklo Base Head
Teklo Base Chest
Teklo Base Arms
Teklo Base Legs

For any information on getting your Release Celebration Promos please reach out to your preferred distributor. For any questions around the use of these promos please reach out to the team at