Step 2 - Running an Armory Event

OP Pathway - Armory Event

Armory Events are the core of any stores Flesh and Blood Calendar. Here are a few key points:

  • Armory Events can only be run once per week (if you miss a week you cant roll it over to the next week).
  • These are considered a casual level event.
  • Armory Kits support four weeks of play.
  • You do not require a qualified Judge to run an Armory event.
  • TO's are allowed to play in their own Armory events.


Armory Events can be run using any of the following formats. Blitz and Booster Draft are recommended formats for Armory Events:

  • Blitz - 30 min per round
  • Booster Draft - 30 min per round
  • Classic Constructed - 50 min per round
  • Sealed Deck - 30 min per round

All Flesh and Blood matches are best of one.

While we recommend Draft and Blitz as Armory formats, talk to your community about what events they want to see. During the course of year the formats of higher level events will change and players will want to follow the different formats.

Recommended Number of Rounds
Players Swiss Rounds Playoff (Optional)
5-8 3 None
9-16 4 Top 4
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8

Running your event

Step 1 - Create your event in GEM. Creating your event will allow players to register for it online and in-store. It will also appear in our Event Locator

Step 2 - Contact your distributor to get an Armory Kit (Kits are only available to GEM registered stores while stocks last).

Step 3 - Advertise your event. Make sure your store profile is updated with all your social media. To further advertise your events you can find official images on the Digital Assets page.

Step 4 - Enter your players into GEM, run the event and give out prizes!


Prize Distribution

Armory kits give out a variety of exclusive prize items. From time to time we will include new items and some surprises. Each kit will contain letter outlining how to portion out the kit. For the Current season please follow the guidelines below:

Season 5 Kits Contents:

  • 4x Cold Foil weapons
  • 8x Rainbow Foil Adult Hero Cards
  • 24x Extended Art Rainbow Foil cards
  • 2x People's Champion playmats
  • Armory Event and marketing posters

The contents should be used as outlined below:

  • Each event should offer a Cold Foil weapon for first place.
  • Extended Art Rainbow Foils for top placed players and/or as participation prizes.
  • The Peoples Champion playmats must be given as prizes to players and/or ambassadors who represent positive community spirit. They are not to be used as performance based prizes.
  • Rainbow Foil Adult Hero cards can be used for OP prizing or recognition rewards at the discretion of the store manager. Suggested uses include Armory Event door prizes, additional performance based prizes, monthly league prizes, or recognition rewards to the folk who are doing good things in your local gaming community.

For more information on the use of Armory Kits check out the Use of Armory Kit Materials Policy.