Step 3 - Use GEM to promote your store and events

Store & Event Locator

Let players know about your store and events by using GEM tournament software. When you enter your store details in GEM it automatically appears on the store locator and events you schedule in advanced automatically appear on the event locator.

Player Rewards

When you use GEM to run your events, your players will gain XP on their player account that counts towards their ranking on the official leaderboards! XP earns players invitations to premier level events like National Champs and other seasonal rewards!

Store Benefits

Stores who actively use GEM are rewarded with exclusive events and marketing support, such as:

  • Hosting a pre-release event and being able to sell product during pre-release weekend
  • Receiving buy-a-box promos
  • Invitation to host premier in-store events like Road to Nationals
  • Premium large format marketing assets

GEM is designed to make event management as easy as possible. GEM is browser based software that automatically reports your event results simply by clicking "Finish Tournament".

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