11 things you need to know to play classic constructed

  1. You'll need a 60 card minimum deck plus a hero card, weapons and equipment.
  2. Your hero dictates what cards you can play with. They must be the same class as your hero or be generic cards.
  3. You can play up to 3 copies of each card. For cards that are part of a cycle (having red, yellow, blue versions), you can play up to 3 copies of each version.
  4. Adult heroes are legal for Classic Constructed.
  5. Official Classic Constructed matches are 50 minutes, best of 1.
  6. Some events (the more serious ones) require you to provide a list of the cards you are playing and to only play with those cards during the tournament. If you need a deck list, use this template.
  7. Have a way to keep track of your life total, such as pen and paper.
  8. Deck boxes, sleeves and play mats are commonly used to protect your cards, but are not required.
  9. Store judges/staff are there to help, so if you have questions about rules or the event itself, make sure to ask them. This includes during a game.
  10. The fabtcg.com deck database is a great place to find interesting deck ideas. Check it out here.
  11. If you want to play in an official Classic Constructed tournament, you'll need a GEM player ID. You can get that here.