National Championships 2021 - Fact Sheet

Legend Story Studios is proud to state that National Championship events will be run in 25 countries across 4 continents in 2021!

With the dates of these events fast approaching, we wanted to provide players with additional information on the qualification process, tournament structure, and prizes. At the bottom of this page you will find links to your country's National Championship fact sheet which contains information about the tournament and prize structure for your event. Please note that in some instances information will be listed as 'to be confirmed' (TBC) while details are being finalised.

We respectfully ask that you please read this article carefully before contacting us via email with any questions.

Players are eligible to participate in one National Championship per year, and only in the country of their primary place of residence (which must match the country registered to your GEM ID).

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Invitations and Qualification

There are two types of National Championship events:

  • Invitation-only National Championships
  • Open-entry National Championships

Invitation-only Events

Players can qualify for invitation-only National Championship events by:

  • Placing in the Top 4 of a Road to Nationals event
  • Receiving an invite via 90-day XP
  • Using a PTI

There is no entry fee required for invitation-only National Championships.

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Road to Nationals

Players who made the Top 4 will receive an invitation to their National Championship event.

  • These invitations will be sent to your GEM-registered email from between September 20 and September 24.
  • You must accept the invite contained within the email by October 1 (11:59pm PST) to secure your place at Nationals

A list of players who have qualified via a RTN event can be found at the bottom of this page.

90-day XP qualification (UPDATED)

We have received a lot of feedback from players who were concerned about the limited amount of time available between the end of the 90-day XP qualification period and the start of their National Championship event. For many players, this would result in them only receiving confirmation of their qualification 2-3 weeks out from the event, leading to increased travel and accommodation costs, as well as issues with arranging time-off/leave from their jobs.

As a result of this feedback, the 90-day XP qualification period has now been UPDATED to the following dates:

  • Saturday 3 July (12:01am PST) - Friday 1 October (11:59pm PST).

Any XP gained during the qualification period will add towards your 90 Day XP on the XP leaderboards. At the end of the qualification period, the top ranked players who are not already qualified for their National Championships will receive an invitation to their National Championships as well.

  • 90-day XP invitations will be sent to your GEM-registered email between October 4 and October 8.
  • You must accept the invite contained within the email by October 15 (11:59pm PST)

Invitation 'pass-downs'

Invitations do not pass down. For example:

  • The Top 4 at a RTN event are already qualified for Nationals.
    • These invites would not pass down to the next 4 players in the standings.
  • A player offered a 90-day XP invitation is unable to attend Nationals.
    • Their invite would not be passed down to the next eligible player.

The only exception to this is players who obtain an invitation via a RTN event that are also eligible for a 90-day XP invite. These players will not “use up” a 90-day XP invitation, and it will be offered to the next eligible player on the 90-day XP leaderboards.

Side Events

All of these events will have some great side events on offer on the Friday and/or Sunday (and in some cases Saturday!) of the National Championship weekend!

We highly recommend that you check with your local National Championship Tournament Organiser (TO) to see what is on offer.

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Open-entry Events

These National Championship events are designed to be both a competitive event, as well as a fantastic opportunity to be as inclusive as possible by making these events open-entry. We want to provide these communities with an opportunity to play in a Premier-level tournament, while also providing an opportunity for both experienced and newer players to come together in the common language of great games. It is our hope that this will help form long-lasting friendships that will help grow the overall community in the long-term.

Qualification Process

Players who qualified via the Top 4 of a Road to Nationals event will automatically have a space reserved for them and receive free entry to these events.

Aside from these players, anyone is able to purchase a ticket to these events on a 'first come, first served' basis.

  • Please note that tickets to these events will not be available before September 17 at 5pm (in your local timezone).
  • These tickets will be available to purchase from your National Championship TO.
    • Links to registration/ticketing pages can be found, or will be added once available, in your country's specific National Championship information page at the bottom of this article
    • In some instances tickets may be placed on sale slightly later than the time mentioned above. We ask that you be patient and respectful towards your TO while they prepare their ticketing process.

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Side Events

There may be side events on offer at some of these event. Please check your country's National Championship or with the TO for further details.

Qualified Players - Nationals 2021

The link below will take you to a page containing links to lists of players who are qualified players for their National Championship.

At this stage only players who have qualified via a Road to Nationals event will be shown. Players who qualify via a 90-day XP invite will be added after the cut-off date for those invites. If you believe your name has been left off this list in error, please contact


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National Championships 2021 - Event-specific Fact Sheets

Please click the relevant link to find information specific to your National Championship event.


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