Italy National Championship 2021

National Championship Cover Image


Please stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks!

Format: Classic Constructed

Rules Enforcement: Professional

Entry: EUR35

Player Cap: 48

Date: November 28th

Time: Doors open - 8:15am // Tournament begins - 9:00am

Venue: Forno dell'Antica Ricetta (Novi Ligure)

Hosted by: Digital Replay

Side Events: TBC

Invitations and Eligibility


Players are eligible to participate in one National Championship per year, and only in the country of their primary place of residence.

This event is open-entry - anyone is able to purchase a ticket and play.

  • TOs are able to sell tickets to this event after 5pm September 17 (local timezone)
    • Please check with your TO for a specific time.
  • Players who qualified for the event via a Road to Nationals event will have a place reserved for them and will not have to pay the entry fee.

Please see the National Championship 2021 - Fact Sheet for additional information about invitations and eligibility.

Tournament Structure

National Championship

The National Championship will consist of 6 rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to Top 8.

  • Swiss rounds will consist of:
    • 6x Classic Constructed rounds

  • All Swiss rounds are best of one.
    • Classic Constructed rounds are 50 +5 mins

  • Deck registration is required

Top 8

Players must use the same Classic Constructed deck for the Swiss Classic Constructed rounds and the Top 8.

  • The Top 8 will be Classic Constructed (best of 1).

  • For each Top 8 match, the player that finished higher in the Swiss rounds is given the choice to go first or second.
  • Top 8 matches are untimed, but players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and slow play penalties will be enforced.
  • Top 8 matches are best-of-one.

Please see the Tournament Rules and Policy document for further information.


Champion Gold Cold Foil Legendary + National Champion Trophy + Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI) + Cold Foil Adult Hero
Finalist Gold Cold Foil Legendary + PTI + Cold Foil Adult Hero
3rd-4th 8x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero
5th-8th 4x Tales of Aria Booster Boxes (First Edition) + Cold Foil Adult Hero
9th-24th CF Adult Hero
Participation Storage Box

Side Events

Young Lexi Hero Art

Battle Hardened

Format: Blitz Constructed

Entry Fee: EUR10

Date: Friday November 26

Details: Digital Replay - Battle Hardened

Venue: Digital Replay