TC Auckland Recap

Players travelled from across Australia and New Zealand to participate in the very first The Calling $10,000 tournament, featuring Welcome to Rathe sealed.

the tournament begins...

Dorinthea Ironsong and Rhinar, Reckless Rampage reigned supreme in the sealed draft, with 55% of players choosing either the Warrior or the Brute as their hero of the day. Katsu trailed behind on 23%, with Bravo close behind at 22%.

pie chart

As the tournament entered its final round of swiss, the final contenders for Top 8 emerged. Despite being in last place for the overall metagame, Bravo represented 37.5% of the Top 8 tables, the same number as Dorinthea. Rhinar represented 12.5%, while only a single Katsu was left standing by this stage of the tournament.

Top 8 Tables pie chart

Finally, only eight players were left, ready to fight for the title of Champion.

Our Top 8 finalists!

From left to right: Gary Lynch, Isaac Olssen, Sam Smith, Phillip Wood, Mani Gardwell;

Jasin Long, Sasha Markovic, Adam Little.

Isaac Olssen, Sasha Markovic, Sam Smith, Gary Lynch, Jasin Long, Mani Gardwell, Adam Little, and Phillip Wood sat down to draft new decks, and prepare to battle for their share of the $10,000 prize pool. Check out their player profiles here.

(You can also see their final draft decklists here.)

Congratulations to Isaac Olssen, Champion of The Calling Auckland!

Isaac Olssen

Isaac Olssen