Quick Questions

What card are you most hoping to open in your sealed pool?

Bohdan Temmyk (Left) (Sydney): Drone of Brutality

Cayle McCreath (Middle) (Auckland): Unmovable (2)

Luke Badger (Right) (Auckland): Mask of Momentum

Quick Questions 1

What is the best common in WTR Sealed?

Sasha Markovic(Left) (Sydney): Scar for a Scar (1)

Cayle McCreath(Middle) (Auckland): Unmovable (2)

Luke Badger(Right) (Auckland): Awakening Bellow


What hero are you playing and why?

Slava Sheyminz(Left) (Auckland): Bravo - It had the best generic support.

Brett Rogers(Middle) (Taranaki): Rhinar - For Sloggism and Regurgitating Slog.

Roger Miller(Right) (Wellington): Dorinthea - it was a toss-up between warrior and brute, but I just like warrior better.

Quick Questions 3

Sloggism or Nimblism?

Sasha Markovic(Left) (Sydney): Nimblism

Bohdan Temmyk(Middle) (Sydney): Nimblism

Slava Sheymin(Right) (Auckland): Sloggism


What is the best card you're playing in your sealed pool?

Brett Rogers(Left) (Taranaki): Sink Below (1)

Roger Miller(Right) (Wellington): Refraction Bolters

Simon Austin-Wallace(Middle) (Auckland): Unmovable (1)

Quick Questions 5