Tolarie s.r.o.

Labská, 530 02 Pardubice I, Czechia

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Tolarie is a card and board game shop and club in the heart of Pardubice.
The idea of setting up a shop and club with collectible card and other board games was born at the end of 2010. We opened the stone shop connected with the club on April 1, 2011. Since the beginning we have tried to provide a wide range of cards and accessories and to organize various kinds of tournaments. So everything necessary for the game.
At the moment the shop works together with the e-shop. We regularly organize tournaments and player meetings.

Upcoming Tournaments

- 16 - days away

Pro Quest Season 4: Bright Lights Booster Draft

Sat 21st Oct, 10:30 AM Booster Draft Event Link

Labská, Pardubice I, Pardubice, Pardubický kraj, Czechia

⚔️PRO-QUEST - Tolarie - Booster Draft⚔️

Sobota 21.10. 2023

➡️Formát: Booster Draft Bring Lights
➡️Startovné: 750 Kč
➡️Začátek registrace: 10:00
➡️Start turnaje: 10:30
➡️Počet kol a struktura turnaje: 
8 hráčů - 1 draft + 3 kola - bez top 8
9 až 16 hráčů - 1 draft + 3 kola + top 8 draft
17 a více hráčů - 2 drafty + 6 kol + top 8 draft

➡️Kapacita turnaje: 30 hráčů


➡️Registrace do turnaje:

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