The Hurricane Collective

5 Goddard Street, City of Rockingham, WA, Australia

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The Hurricane Collective host's tournaments every week. Look for shop number 7 as you turn off Goddard street into the main carpark. 

Western Australia's number one Flesh and Blood play and retail destination allows players to access a large database of free cards allowing them to fine tune decks before entered tournaments. 

We Strive to bring players the optimal experience for both learning the game and building collections. Our strong player base welcomes everyone and we hope to see you for our next weekly event. 

Ammenities at the Bunker (Our Play Zone) include fridge, seperate toilet, A/C and WIFI. Browse our store to find all kinds of sleeves, deck cases, mats and more to really keep your collection top condition. 

Upcoming Tournaments

- 10 - days away

Farewell to Welcome to Rathe

Fri 28th Jan, 5:15 PM Booster Draft Event Link

5 Goddard Street, City of Rockingham, WA, Australia

One last time... Experience the set that started it all, the set that welcomed you and thousands of fans to the world of Rathe. Celebrate and send Welcome to Rathe off in style at a 'Farewell Welcome to Rathe' draft event running in stores around the world January 28-30, 2022. 

We see the event capped at 16 players which will form two draft pods. 

Each pod will draft and play three rounds of swisse. 

Each Pod will then combine to form the top 8 Draft. Standard Swisse rules apply with strictly enforced time limits on rounds. 

Don't miss your oppurtunity to say goodbye with us, to the most iconic set of all time. 

Prizing / Products to expect. 

3x Welcome to Rathe Unlimited Cases (Drafting) 

1x Promo Card Pack that containing 16 Cold Foil Young Hero’s from WTR Random Allocation. 

The celebration kit contains 16 Cold Foil Young Hero cards from Welcome to Rathe. This is the first time these cards have appeared in Cold Foil. The distribution of these prizes is at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer and should be tailored to the dynamics of your community. All promos must be given away in a way that is transparent to participating players before the event begins.

Entry Fees

The entry fee will be announced shortly. 


What level of rules enforcement is this event run at?

The Farewell event is a casual rules enforcement event. Please check the Penalty Guidelines for more information.

The purpose of this event is to be an enjoyable community-building exercise; if you have to adjudicate on a rules breach, we would encourage you to assume good faith on the part of the players and to treat it as an honest mistake and a learning opportunity.

Do I need a Judge for an event?

You don’t need a judge for the event, however, we would recommend that either the TO for the event or a store staff member is familiar with documents found in the Rules and Policy centre.

- 45 - days away

Pro Quest

Sat 5th Mar, 9:30 AM Classic Constructed Event Link

5 Goddard Street, City of Rockingham, WA, Australia

Perth, It's your time to take on the best from the west in the 2022 Flesh and Blood Pro Quest Tour Event. 


1x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Equipment or Weapon

7x Cold Foil Adult Heroes (Each kit will contain 1 of each hero from Monarch and Tales of Aria)

2x ProQuest Playmats.

2x People’s Champion playmat

6x Wartune Herald Extended Art Rainbow Foil Judge promos (This is the first time this card has been available as an extended art!)

Do the top players qualify for any other events?

The winner of each ProQuest season 1 event qualifies for Pro Tour #1. This qualification is not transferable to another player or another Pro Tour.

How is the prize kit going to be distributed?

The prize kit will be supplied by your distributor. These kits will be shipped from your distributor in the new year.


The 7 Cold foil heroes should be randomly given out as each player is eliminated from the top 8.

Before the final match begins, the two finalists should be each given the ProQuest play mat. If you are streaming the final, we encourage you to play the final match both using the play mats.

At the conclusion of Top 8, first place is awarded the random drop Gold Cold Foil prize card.

There is no physical Pro Tour invitation. Completing your event in GEM will provide LSS with the winners details and therefore qualify that player for Pro Tour #1.

Event Structure

All ProQuest season 1 events must use the Classic Constructed format. They must be in-person events, there will be no online events for this series.

Are decklists required?

Decklists are mandatory for these events, you can find the Deck Registration Sheet on

Is there a minimum number of players to run this event?

ProQuest events need a minimum of 8 players to run.