Magnolia Gaming Hoboken

79 Hudson Place, Hudson County, NJ, United States



Magnolia Gaming Hoboken is owned and operated by players! We are your friendly local game store, and we strive to be your one stop shop for sealed Flesh and Blood as well as in store events such as pre-releases, weekly Armory events, and many, many drafts!

The store is located on the LOWER LEVEL of 79 Hudson Street (Suite 103). Take the elevator to the lower level aka "LL" and you will see us right when you exit the elevator.

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Upcoming Tournaments

On Demand (Online)

Tue 7th Dec, 6:15 PM Classic Constructed

79 Hudson Place, Hudson County, NJ, United States

Want to test out a new CC deck? Want to practice for an upcoming event? Join our 1st casual CC event via Discord!
Discord link:

We will play 3 rounds of CC via webcam. If you need help setting up a webcam and would like to participate, please ask for help in the discord at least the day before so you are all set up.

Magnolia Gaming Hoboken is offering prize support* for this FREE event. For this event, we will be doing:
- Pack per win
- Raffling off of 1-2 RF adult Monarch heroes

*The only caveat is that Prize support must be picked up in store.