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29 High Street, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Upcoming Tournaments

- 1 - day away

On Demand

Sat 1st Apr, 12 PM Sealed Deck Event Link

29 High Street, Canterbury, New Zealand

Outsiders has released!

We're excited to run our first Sealed event to celebrate the launch of the new set.

Information on the sealed format is here:

$45 Entry gets you 6x Outsiders Booster packs to build the best deck to defeat all-comers over 3-6 Swiss Rounds (player count dependent).


Store Credit based on number of wins per round, plus promos if available!

- 1 - day away

Armory Event

Sat 1st Apr, 5 PM Blitz Event Link

29 High Street, Canterbury, New Zealand

Armory Events are the lifeblood of Flesh and Blood OP, and the recommended entry point for players embarking on their FAB adventure. Available every week at Local Game Stores around the world, Armory Events are the perfect place to battle & connect with FAB players in your local area, while receiving exclusive prizes!

We will have preconstructed Blitz decks for $19.99 available for purchase.