General Games Frankston

27-29 Keys Street, City of Frankston, VIC, Australia

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General Games Frankston is a huge Gaming Retail & Events location, located just outside the Bayside Shopping Center in Frankston.

We stock all the major Card Games, Minatues Games, Hobby Accessories, Board Games, Family Games, Party Games & Roleplay Games.

Events are run regularly weekday evenings and on weekends. 

The store is open & friendly to new and experienced players alike. Come and game in comfort, meet new friends and join the community!

Upcoming Tournaments

- 23 - days away

Skirmish Season 6

Sun 23rd Apr, 12 PM Sealed Deck Event Link

27-29 Keys Street, City of Frankston, VIC, Australia

General Games Frankston is ecstatic to be hosting Skirmish Season 6 for Flesh and Blood!

Purchase tickets here!

Time: 12:00pm
Cost: $40 entry
Player Cap: 24
Sealed Deck (6 boosters per player to build a 30 card minimum deck)
Rounds: Matches are Best of One.
Round Time: 30 minutes
Number of rounds depends on attendance:
5-8 Players - 3 Rounds
9-16 Players - 4 Rounds
17-24 Players - 5 Rounds
Prizes: Two booster packs per player into the pool
*Other Prizes TBA*