Elandrial Games

138 York Street, City of Albany, WA, Australia

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Upcoming Tournaments

- 4 - days away

Armory Event

Sun 24th Jan, 2 PM Classic Constructed Event Link

138 York Street, City of Albany, WA, Australia

Join us for an exciting Flesh & Blood constructed tournament!

Players will bring their own decks to the event, following the rules that can be found at the following link: https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/classic-constructed/

Matches will be BO1, with a 50-minute time limit. Amount of matches played throughout the event will be dependant on amount of players, ranging from 3 matches and up.

Prizes are up for grabs, with cold-foil cards for top 4, extended art cards, plus a exclusive artwork playmat for the winner.

Entry $15

- 32 - days away


Sun 21st Feb, 2 PM Blitz

138 York Street, City of Albany, WA, Australia

Get ready for a new type of high level tournament!

Skirmish events are a new way for players to compete and work towards their own competitive goals in 2021.

This tournament will be the Blitz format. Rules for creating a Blitz deck can be found here: https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/blitz/

Games will be played with a 30-minute time limit, with the total amount of rounds dependant on player participation.

Exclusive promos and playmats will be up for grabs to players as prizes.

More info coming soon...