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1960 Sequoia Avenue, Ventura County, CA, United States

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A Hidden Fortress is a Comic and Game shop specializing in TCGs and CCGs for over 25 years!

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Skirmish - Sealed Deck

Sat 26th Jun, 10 AM Sealed Deck Event Link

1960 Sequoia Avenue, Ventura County, CA, United States

Hello and welcome to our first ever Skirmish event!  This event will be in store, and may be capped due to COVID-19 restrictions - please join us on our discord as we get more details on player numbers.

Our event will be on Saturday, June 26th at 10:00am.  Since this event will be in store, you will need to be there in person to play.  There will not be any kits shipped.  We require masks at all times in our store due to the current state of COVID-19 in California.  We will have hand sanitizer available and attempt to keep spacing as best as we can.  This will be one of the final events in our old location before moving to the larger space, we are excited to share it with you!

Entry fee will be $30.00, the 8 Cold Foil Young Heros will be given out to the top 8 after Swiss (drafted in order of standing) and the 24 full art rainbow cards will given in order of standing after the top 8.  We will have 1 playmat for the Skirmish Champion and 1 playmat will be random.

Please join our discord if you have any questions in the link below, if we are limited on entrants and quantity of people in our store we will make that announcement and choose players accordingly.  We will be prioritizing players who have been playing in our Discord events since we started hosting.