How do you match up against fellow FAB players in your country and around the world?

Participate in our OP programs to earn XP and ELO. All you need is a FAB Player ID (obtained by registering).

Rated ELO is gained and lost at professional level events and is how we rank our champions of champions. It’s cutthroat, punishing in defeat, and the hallmark of excellence. To reign supreme on the ELO leaderboard is the ultimate Flesh and Blood achievement.

Rank Country Name ELO
301  NZ Logan Bolam (7426) 1424
302  US Justin moss (74194153) 1421
303  US Cody Roberts (7815) 1420
304  TW LUO SHENG-HAN (14573427) 1420
305  NZ Timothy Thompson (1525) 1411
306  NZ Andrew Funaki (7767) 1409