There’s talk of a kindly old man that roams the breadth of Aria, carrying upon his back the treasures from a thousand lost kingdoms. They call him the Roaming Bazaar, and what a spectacle he is! A friendly face in unfamiliar lands, a helping hand in your hour of need. His pack overflows with riches both wonderful and strange, as he spreads the joy of the Everfest far and wide.

Of his past, little is known; some say he’s a swindler who peddles mullock to the unaware, while others whisper of his mysterious powers that reminds them of the provisioners of old. But out of his endless backpack he pulls forth a million trinkets, baubles, potions and amulets, and all your questions will melt away as you gawk at the joyful things he brings!

So ready your Silvers as you shout his name; Genis’ got what chu need!

Hero Highlights

Your Wish is My Command

What you need young hero, could be as close at hand as a simple silver. Power? Life? Resources beyond your wildest imagination... the roaming bazaar that is Genis, always has what you need.

What You Need?

Genis Wotchuneed

Genis is a roaming bazaar. Whatever your looking for Genis offers the chance to have it for the low price of 1 silver. All major cards accepted, a 3.5% merchant fee may apply.


Silver in the bank gives you options. Too many blues in hand? Cash in a Silver to turn that blue into a new card in hand. However, to get the most out of your Silver, use it to pay the alternate cost of powerful cards like Cash In and Knick Knack Bric-a-brac.

Silver Palms

Always willing to lend a hand to a hero in need. Silver Palms brings politics and positioning to the multiplayer table, as heroes will have to think twice about attacking the bearer of riches if they want the cards to keep flowing.

Knick Knack Bric-a-brac

Genis has collected many rare and exotic trinkets and curios over the years travelling the regions of Rathe. Particularly in multiplayer games, Genis can amass quite a fortune of Silver that can be spent to assemble a large collection of knick knacks and bric-a-brac in the arena.

Cash In

Another high return use for your Silver, Cash In puts your coins to work!

Amulet of Oblation

Use Amulet of Oblation to preserve your best attacks, or curry favor with your allies in multiplayer by using it on their attacks.

Potion of Luck

Everyone needs good luck! How many bottles would you like?

Talisman of Warfare

Multiplayer games are so often about managing politics. Pick the right allies, or stay impartial to keep your options open. Talisman of Warfare lets you play both roles. Use it strategically to support your alliance, or simply blow up everyone's arsenal without taking sides at all!