World Premiere of Uprising

11th May 2022

Last week saw the official announcement of our upcoming booster set, Uprising, revealing not one, not two, but three planned World Premiere events across North America, Europe, and the Pacific!

This landmark weekend will see the world premiere of Uprising taking place simultaneously in Las Vegas, Madrid, and Sydney, giving players around the world a chance to join the fight.

The World Premiere events will be Sealed Deck format, and every player will get two Rainbow Foil promo cards - Helio's Mitre, and an extended art version of Phoenix Flame. To know more about these cards, you'll have to wait until our preview season starts on June 4th!

It's a great opportunity to get friends together, play great games, and be among the first in the world to open and play with our latest booster set release. The winner of each round will win an additional Uprising booster pack, giving you the opportunity to win up to six additional boosters; plus, all winners who win all six matches and finish out the Swiss rounds at 6-0 will receive one Uprising booster box!

LV Fabled Package

For even more promo and collector's items, check out our ticket packages, which include items like the exclusive World Premiere Uprising playmat, and an exclusive set of Dragon Shield sleeves. There are three different sets of sleeves available for this landmark occasion, with each event featuring their own unique set. Las Vegas players will receive Dracona Optimai, Sydney players will receive Dominia, and Madrid will receive Tomeltai! These collector's items are only available as part of ticket packages, with the Uprising Dragon Shield sleeves exclusive to the Fabled Main Event Package.

Team Blitz Calling

This weekend will include the first-ever Team Blitz format Callings, giving you the chance to have fun with friends and compete for some amazing prizes. Gold Cold Foil Legendary cards will be awarded to all members of the Top 4 teams, plus cash prizes, and PTI's. That's 12 PTI's and 12 Gold Cold Foil Legendary cards to all team members who make the quarterfinals!

This weekend will also be unique as Legend Story Studios staff members will be allowed to compete in the Calling event. However, staff members are restricted to one per team - any staff member competing in the Calling must be in a team with two players who are not working for LSS. Many LSS staff members are planning to attend World Premiere events and get involved with the community, particularly the Sydney event, which is the closest event to our office in New Zealand.


Event Details