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9th Jun 2022 Legend Story Studios

Ahead of our triple-threat Uprising World Premiere weekend, we wanted to re-introduce you to the region of Volcor, and confirm the pronunciations of some of the characters and dragons in our latest set! The people of Volcor (VOHL-cawr) are divided between the Dracai (DRAH-kai) and the Volcai (VOHL-kai). The Dracai are bestowed names that are free of any restrictions, conventions or stigma, granted positions in the Royal Court of Volcor by the Emperor. The Volcai, however, are more limited, and their names are homogeneous, ending in ai as a mark of their Volcai origin status. (Names ending in ai rhyme with lie, my, bye.)

Dromai Fai Duo

Male Dracai Pronunciation Phonetic Female Dracai Pronunciation Phonetic
Kano KAY-noh ˈkeɪ: nəʊ None yet -- --
Taipanis TIE-pan-iss taɪpænɪs
*the 'oh' rhymes with 'crow' or 'flow', not the o sound in 'cow', 'now', 'done' or 'stop'
Male Volcai Pronunciation Phonetic Female Volcai Pronunciation Phonetic
Viserai VI-si-RAI ˈvə: sə:‿ɹaɪ Kassai CASS-ai kæsˈaɪ
Fai FAI faɪ Dromai DROH-mai drəʊmaɪ

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The dragons of Volcor invoked by Dromai in Uprising have a similar naming convention. Male dragon names end in ai, while female dragon names end in ia. (Names ending in ia rhyme with India, or Sylvia - within the world of Flesh and Blood, they rhyme with Ophidia, Azalea, Aria and Misteria, but not Levia, which is closer to rhyming with Fai.)

Male Dragons Pronounciation Phonetic
Dracona Optimai DRAH-coh-NAH Op-TEE-mai ˈdrækəʊnɑː ˈɑptɪmaɪ
Tomeltai TOM-el-TAI tɒmˈɛltaɪ
Azvolai AZ-voh-LAI a.zvəʊlaɪ
Cromai CROH-mai kɹəʊmaɪ
Miragai MIR-RAR-gai ˈmiɹ.ɚgaɪ
Vynserakai VIN-seh-ra-kai vɪnˈsɪhɾakaɪ
Yendurai YEN-dur-rai jɛnˈdʊɹaɪ
Themai THEE-mai ðiːmaɪ
*the 'oh' rhymes with 'crow' or 'flow', not the o sound in 'cow', 'now', 'done' or 'stop'
Female Dragons Pronounciation Phonetic
Dominia DOH-min-EE-ah dəˈmɪniə
Kyloria KAI-lor-REE-ah kaɪlɔɹiə
Nekria Nek-KREE-ah nɛkɹiə
Ouvia Oh-VEE-ah əʊviə

We hope that you enjoy joining Fai, Dromai, and the dragons of Volcor at the World Premiere of Uprising this weekend! If you'd like to find out more about the land of Volcor, or the heroes of Uprising, check out the links below for more information:

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