Uprising Pre-release Events

13th Jun 2022

Players around the world got to catch their first glimpse at the new set, starting with our official preview season and the World Premiere events in Las Vegas, Madrid and Sydney. If you couldn't make it to one of these landmark events, don't give in to the fear of missing out just yet! Our pre-release weekend is on the horizon, giving you the chance to join the Uprising in your local game store. Crack some packs, choose your hero, and build a deck with the cards at hand.

The format for Uprising pre-release events are Sealed Deck, with each player receiving six booster packs for deckbuilding. You won't be able to buy any boosters, boxes, cases, or Blitz decks at the event, so this will be your last chance to get your hands on Uprising ahead of its worldwide release on June 24th! Each player will receive both a Rainbow Foil Helio's Mitre, and a Rainbow Foil Extended Art Phoenix Flame.

Helio's Mitre
Phoenix Flame

The pre-release weekend runs from June 17th-19th, with events across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Join the community, meet fellow players, and enjoy the Uprising! Find your nearest event using the links below, and sign up to secure your spot.