Skirmish Overview - Season Two, Week Two

2nd Jun 2021 Nicola Price

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With the second week of the new Skirmish season underway, there are plenty of events to come, and some new names are rising to the top. New Zealand, Australia, Portugal and Brunei all saw their first Skirmish events of the season, while next week sees Europe burst onto the scene with both sealed deck and blitz events. We look forward to seeing if some brand new heroes can unseat the winning streak of last season's winners!

GG Lounge - Portugal

Eighteen players tested their skills in this tournament, with one player travelling into the country from Spain to participate in the event. In four rounds of sealed, Prism dominated the stage, but in spite of his low numbers, Chane was not far behind.

  • 8 Prism players (win rate 51%)
  • 3 Chane players (win rate 50%)
  • 4 Levia players (win rate 46%)
  • 2 Boltyn players (win rate 44%)

Finally, Prism (Mário) and Chane (João) fought it out in the finals with Prism taking the win. Congratulations to Mário for winning his first competitive Flesh and Blood event!

Final Top 8

  1. Mário Abrantes (Prism)
  2. João Cruz (Prism)
  3. Joao Carvalhinho (Prism)
  4. Nuno Miguel Correia das Neves (Boltyn)
  5. Bruno Patrão (Prism)
  6. Joaquim Martins (Levia)
  7. Gwydion Martín (Boltyn)
  8. Rafael Fernandes (Levia)

Card Merchant Nelson - New Zealand

In the land of the long white cloud, twenty players joined Card Merchant Nelson's Skirmish event, with twelve Prism's, five Chane's, and three Levia's picking up their weapons and preparing for battle.

In his very first Skirmish event, local player Rory Milne piloted his Levia deck to a flawless victory, going undefeated for the entire event. He beat local veteran Daniel Richards in the final of the day, both Levia players, and both formidable decks - but in the end, it was Rory who won the final battle, and took home a Command and Conquer playmat as his prize.

Final Top 8

  1. Rory Milne
  2. Daniel Richards
  3. Jesse Byles
  4. Ryan Rinsma
  5. Stephen Kau Kau
  6. Pierce Lloyd
  7. James Gilchrist
  8. Riley Congdon

Unplugged Games - Australia

Twenty-seven players travelled to this event, including six who arrived from out of town. Mathias Andersson, the winner of the day, travelled from his home in Queensland to win his first ever competitive event, going undefeated during Swiss with his Prism deck. In order to secure his first win, he took on Wesley Lingard, a local, who was piloting his own drafted Boltyn deck.

Final Top 8

  1. Mathias Andersson (Prism)
  2. Wesley Lingard (Boltyn)
  3. Joshua Hurd (Prism)
  4. Jake Macrae (Boltyn)
  5. Matt Champion (Prism)
  6. Pat Sharpe (Chane)
  7. Luke Oliver (Boltyn)
  8. Reginald Tickle (Chane)

Unplugged Games will also be hosting a Classic Constructed tournament on July 17th, and are offering up a rare sealed Retailer Appreciation Kit as the prize! Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

Gaming DNA - New Zealand

43 registered players from all over the North Island participated in the Monarch sealed event, and after six rounds of sealed, only Keegan Walls of Upper Hutt went undefeated. Jacob Pearson may be known in New Zealand for his strong history as a competitive player, but Keegan Walls may be hot on his tail.

Final Top 8

  1. Jacob Pearson
  2. Keegan Walls
  3. CJ Quitazol
  4. Dexter Rei-Maynard
  5. Franklin Villanueva
  6. Bernard Gray
  7. Zachary Johnson
  8. Anthony Wedge

Table Top Warfare - Australia

"We had an amazing event with 30 players attending the event with a great mix of players from our local community, including some who have only recently started playing and 13 who have never attended an event at our location before.

After the Top 8 Draft was complete the final standings were as follows:"

  1. Adam Torr (Levia)
  2. Leigh Dugan (Chane)
  3. Daniel Crossman (Prism)
  4. Adam Greenham (Chane)
  5. Zachary Schulze (Boltyn)
  6. Joe Barbaro (Prism)
  7. Nathan Hunter (Prism)
  8. Connor Archer (Boltyn)

The Week Ahead

The United States sees a deluge of new events, while Canada, Norway, Germany and Sweden all welcome their first Skirmish events of the new season. There's a variety of sealed deck and blitz events available, so there's plenty of options for everyone to explore!

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