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The Seven Arts

Story Oct 11, 2019 Nicola Price

The Seven Arts have been a part of Misterian culture for generations, curated from centuries of traditions and customs. Through the Seven Arts, ancient skills and practices have been preserved, so that they can be passed on for generations to come.

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The first art is the Art of the Signs, is comprised of the study of language and culture. Those who study this art help to record history, compose poetry and songs, and guide the many ceremonies across Misteria.

The second is the Art of the Hand, the study of basic combat. While some students of the Hand may go on to study other, more specialised arts, many choose to continue studying the Art of the Hand, which contains a wide variety of martial arts and combat techniques.

The Art of the Sparrow is the art of agility and balance. While all Misterians receive basic training in the Art of the Sparrow, true masters of this art are a sight to behold, weaving their way across a battlefield with ease. Students of the Sparrow practice more swift, graceful martial styles, learning to deflect attacks, and turn them back on their opponent.

Students of the Serpent are keen assassins, disappearing into thin air and striking from the shadows. Those who study this art are all but invisible, taking down their opponents with deadly precision. Stealth is second nature to Serpent, and a true master of the art is all but invisible.

Perhaps one of the most vital arts is the Art of the Earth. Farming and herbalism are both key lessons in the Art of the Earth, teaching students to tend to nature. Those who study this art help to grow food for villages across Misteria, providing their services as healers to all those in need.

Finally, the twin arts of the Stone and the Willow. They are two halves of a whole, teaching different kinds of crafting. One teaches its students to make a home from bedrock, carving buildings into overhangs and sheer cliffs. The other gives life to more delicate creations, weaving fabrics and making fine china for Misteria’s most elaborate ceremonies. The Art of the Stone encompasses forging, smithing, building, carpentry, stonework, and metalwork; while the Art of the Willow encompasses weaving, tailoring, bookbinding, engraving, embroidery and shoemaking.

Open the Center © 2019 Legend Story Studios. Illustrated by Fajareka Setiawan.

Open the Center © 2019 Legend Story Studios. Illustrated by Fajareka Setiawan.

Education for all children in Misteria begins with the inclusion of all seven arts, with a particular focus on Signs, Hand and Sparrow. The Art of the Signs teaches children the history of Misteria, and the stories of their past. The Art of the Hand teaches them basic combat, and how to defend themselves in a fight. The Art of the Sparrow teaches them the agility and balance necessary to travel among the mountainous ranges of Misteria. As they grow older, their education becomes more specialised, as instructors guide their students towards their natural talents, encouraging them to pursue excellence, and allowing their abilities and skills to flourish.

Almost all Misterian instructors are trained and stationed by the Keepers of the Seven Arts. The Keepers of the Seven Arts help to maintain the traditions of Misteria, promoting learning and progress for all Misterians. Due to their strong presence, values, and noble cause, the Keepers are loved and revered by the people of Misteria.