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The Savage Lands Showdown is coming!

News Nov 29, 2019 Iain Kenderdine

Welcome to the Savage Lands Showdown!

“Despite the dangers, foolhardy adventurers gather from all over Rathe, attracted by the stories of successful hunts and famed explorers. A growing number of encampments have appeared on the outskirts of the jungle as more adventurers continue to arrive, risking their lives in hopes of achieving fame and fortune.”

Next week we are debuting a brand new series to our website “Savage Lands Showdown”.

Players from the Flesh and Blood community will be invited to take up the challenge and step into “The Savage Lands Showdown”, going one on one with a member of Legend Story Studios team, with an awesome prize kit on the line, themed to the hero you challenge with.

This isn’t going to be a dance in the daisy fields. When you step into the Savage Lands, be prepared for the fight of your life, this is a gloves off, no holds barred fight for the ultimate bragging rights.

Our first challenger is Cayle McCreath. He’s one of the top players in the world and much like his favorite character Bravo he is a hard travelling hero, having already played in over 20 local and international events including a top 8 finish at the Calling Sydney. Cayle is known for his constantly evolving Bravo deck, he also has a flash of the showman himself, being one of the first players to fully foil out his deck.

Who will he face? None other that the development team’s Apex Predator Jason Chung. A fierce competitor, calm under pressure, Jason stalks his prey waiting for the slightest mistake to pounce and take out the competition.

Who will win? Who is the Hunter and who is the Hunted?

SSD Cayle