Rules and Policy Update

4th Jun 2021

Comprehensive Rules

Thank you to the Discord community for carefully scouring v1.0 of the Comp Rules and compiling a list of suggested tweaks, additions, and improvements for clarity. The Comprehensive Rules is a living document to be built upon over time. We are aware that there is a good amount more content that can be added to the glossary, which will happen as we move forward with updates.

The updated Comprehensive Rules document includes an appendix of changes.

Errata Bulletin

Vestige of Sol and Seeds of Agony both received functional errata with the Monarch release notes. This has now been published as an Errata Bulletin.

We have clarified on the Errata Bulletin main page that errata bulletins will only include cards that have received functional errata (errata that changes how the card works), and cards that have received significant changes to their templating and/or syntax, for the avoidance of doubt that the changes are in fact non-functional. Errata bulletins will not include cards with minor text updates which do not change functionally.

Tournament Rules and Policy

Minor updates with the addition of talents, and clarification around use of hard cases on cards that are not part of your deck:

  • 3.9 Sleeves: Updated to welcome the use of hard plastic cases, such as "slabs" on cards that are not part of the deck zone, such as hero, weapon, and equipment cards.
  • 6.3 Deck Construction: Updated to include talent cards (such as Light and Shadow) as card types that can be included in a deck.
  • 6.6 Card Pool Registration / Sort and Register: Added talent to card types that must be sorted alphabetically and registered.