ProQuest Season 2 Starts This Weekend!

11th May 2022 Nicola Price

The second season of ProQuest events is set to begin this weekend! If you missed out on an invite to the Pro Tour: New Jersey taking place this weekend, look ahead to the next big event, Pro Tour: Lille! Like the last season of events, ProQuest Season 2 will be granting special invites to the Pro Tour in August. This is your opportunity to join the biggest Flesh and Blood event in Europe to date!

The winner of each ProQuest event gets an invite to the Pro Tour: Lille, a Random Drop Gold Cold Foil card, and all Top 8 players get a box of Limited Edition Fyendal's Spring Tunic Dragonshield sleeves!

ProQuest Season 2 Prize Kit (update)

You can follow along with the latest news from the ProQuest season here on, with our weekly recap articles, and special articles from our guest writers for the season!

Our strategy content for this season comes from Wesley Lingard, a long-time player in Australia with some of the highest competitive achievements in Flesh and Blood using his favourite hero Azalea. He aims to be one of the first players to score Azalea Living Legend points and has shared his experiences over several strategy articles and recently began uploading video content under the alias Endless Arrow.

Wesley Lingard

You'll recognize this familiar face from our first ProQuest season; Drew Cordell has returned as a guest writer, this time covering the developing metagame! Drew is a competitive Flesh and Blood player and writer who has produced content for a variety of websites about the game, from introductory articles for new players to strategy content for established high-level competitors.

Drew Cordell Profile Shot

Join the battle this ProQuest season, and fight for your entry to the Pro Tour: Lille. We look forward to seeing you at events around the world!

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